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Buying Chandeliers From 7Pandas


Many have always been associating chandeliers with elegance, sophistication, and grandeur. As a result, they have become a signature element of creating contemporary interiors. With their design and splendor, chandeliers have successfully adorned various households and offered amazing light and beauty. Several householders use chandeliers to add a touch of poise and sparkle to their interiors.  

In today's era, many identify chandeliers as an artsy addition to a household that brightens up the interior. However, chandeliers' function is not limited to being a light source since many can also use them as an item of home décor. By installing a dazzling chandelier, you can elevate the ambiance of your residence and make it look elegant and splendid. Modern chandeliers have become highly affordable and hence can be opted for by almost every individual. They make their way inside every household by offering comprehensive designs and sizes. 

So, without worrying about the price or design, allow your living room to shine and look beautiful. This article highlights the beautiful modern chandeliers available at 7Pandas and how they can work wonders in elevating your residence. These chandeliers provide minimalistic designs, aesthetic lighting, and high functionality and are ideal for modern apartments. Therefore, read the article to comprehend the benefits of purchasing unique chandeliers from 7Pandas.


Introduction to 7Pandas

7Pandas is known as the leading lighting store located in the US. They aim to create a balance by bringing creative lighting options that can suit every household's design or style. At 7Pandas, you can get exquisite lighting options for your expansive high-quality home at an affordable price. The company began with the idea of bringing comfort and elegance together under one roof. They believe in the philosophy of "Live Easy" and hence put their best efforts into crafting a brand that can provide quality products for your household.

Starting from evoked elegance and class of the crystal chandelier to simple and functional farmhouse chandeliers, the team at 7Pandas has it all. Their chandelier collections are curated with great care and have undergone tests that ensure their exceptional performance and interactions. In addition, the team is exceptionally professional and ensures that their products impress the customers and live up to their standards.  

So, if you want to purchase something extraordinary and stylish for your interior, then 7Pandas is your ideal lighting store. They offer comprehensive and delicate lighting designs which are suitable for your space. Check out the best chandeliers for different home interior design styles guide for more info to match up your interior design with the right chandelier.


CARLO Rectangle Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass 32*G9 Lamp base


Why Buy from 7Pandas?

The chandeliers at 7Pandas are gorgeous and radiant. They provide minimalist modern designs as well as ornate crystal designs for chandeliers. By choosing 7Pandas, you can recreate your interior space and make it look stunning and elegant while maintaining the soft glow of the warm lights. Several factors make 7Pandas the best choice for purchasing chandeliers. Some of them include the following: 

  • The company believes in the fundamentals of "Live Easy." They aim to curate a brand that will offer the best quality products to enhance the ambiance of your household. 
  • They offer free shipping for their products, so you do not have to pay any extra charge for shipping. 7Pandas even offers a 30-day return policy within which you can exchange your product. 
  • The company's payment method is completely secure and fast, and hence they ensure easy transactions. They even offer versatile payment methods, so it becomes easy to purchase products from them. 
  • The team at 7Pandas is highly efficient and professional. They offer customer care services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can contact them anytime with your queries and issues, and they will provide an easy and efficient solution.
  • They aim to create a perfect balance between the design and space of the product and your room. The company sets its best foot forward to transform your empty room into an elegant and gorgeous space that is versatile and convenient for you.


How Do Chandeliers from 7Pandas Stand Out?

Professionals identify chandeliers as an evergreen product that has been in the market for centuries. Many say that nobody can ever go wrong in choosing a chandelier as they are available in different sizes and styles. No matter your preference and fashion, you will love having a chandelier in your household and not feel uncomfortable about spending on them.  

The chandeliers at 7Pandas stand out from the rest since they are budget-friendly and available in comprehensive ranges. You can opt for a magnificent and traditional chandelier or a classy and modern design. In addition, 7Pandas provides a buying platform to those individuals who have the urge to purchase chandeliers for their household but feel restricted due to the price.  

The chandeliers available at 7Pandas make every space gorgeous and luxurious. They function beautifully and successfully become the center of attraction in every residence by utilizing their vibrant colors and unique design. By installing a well-proportioned chandelier, you can play with light and shadow, which will open up more space towards the ceiling of your room.


Types of Chandeliers Available

Many refer to chandeliers as the symbol of modern elegance. We usually see them in ballrooms and dining halls, but we can also find them in several houses. By adding a chandelier to your household, you can enhance the beauty of your interiors. At 7Pandas, you can find various styles and designs of chandeliers, from which you can choose the most suitable one. Each one complements a different style range, so it is ideal for you to be familiar with them:

1. Crystal Chandeliers

CARLO 31" Modern design Crystal Chandelier Bronze 22*G9 Lamp base


CARLO 31” Modern design Crystal Chandelier Bronze 22*G9 Lamp base


Many consider the crystal chandelier one of the most glamorous glass lightings with a bronze lamp base. It has a modern design, uses twenty-two sparkling and clear crystals, is perfect for a large living room or entryway, and is 31 inches in diameter. It even has a compatible dimmer switch which you can use to make a style statement in your room.  

Apart from this, you can even opt for the crystal chandelier, which has a brass lamp base.


FRENCISCO 16.1" Round Crystal Chandelier Antique Brass


FRENCISCO 16.1" Round Crystal Chandelier Antique Brass


This round crystal chandelier offers timeless gold lighting for your space. It consists of clear hand-cut crystals that bring out the chandelier light's beauty. The installation is easy, and the light will provide a classy and elegant look for your interior space. The chandelier even has a dimmer switch which is highly compatible, and you can adjust the light of your household whenever you desire.


2. Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandeliers

ALVA rectangle 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


ALVA rectangle 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


This farmhouse chandelier is perfect for decorating your farmhouse, and you can add it to any room of your choice. It will add an extravagant tinge to your interior space, and the lighting will brighten your residence. The chandelier has 12 lights around it, enhancing your place's beauty. It even has a dimmer switch and a hand-forged ring. If you want, you can hang the chandelier on the wall and use its extension rods for fixating its length as per your requirement.  

If you want, you can get a wagon wheel farmhouse chandelier in a round shape instead of the rectangular one. 7Pandas even offers a round-shaped chandelier with sixteen lights instead of twelve to light every corner of your residence.  


3. Hampton Style Chandeliers

MALIBU 5-Light Classical Chandelier Frosted Glass Shade in Satin nickel


MALIBU 5-Light Classical Chandelier Frosted Glass Shade in Satin nickel


When it comes to alluring timeless pieces and awe-inspiring designs, Hampton Style Chandeliers always come to mind. It is an American approach to European design styles inspired by the Baroque, Rococo and Empire eras. These traits can be vividly seen with the MALIBU 5-Light Classical Chandelier Frosted Glass Shade in Satin Nickel. The gorgeous satin nickel plating finish paired with the stunning glimmers of the Opal white glass shades embodies sophistication in simplicity with a diameter of 23.4 inches and a height of 24.5 inches. A perfect addition to spice up the aesthetic features of your home.  

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