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Farmhouse Chandeliers

The farmhouse chandelier is a prominent pendant light fixture usually made of wrought iron, sturdy thick or thin metal and has many arms and knobs on the top. These rustic chandeliers come in various shapes, styles and finishes, as they can be circular, square or any other form. The lamp usually hangs from the ceiling in a house and emits soft light.   

There are the classic farmhouse chandeliers with exposed chains styles. You can mount this chandelier at various heights of ceilings so it can shine brighter on tabletop lamps. They also have exposed wiring and ceiling joists that make great light fixtures at a low altitude. There are brass farmhouse chandeliers that use a variety of shades and often use vintage fabrics for these shades. They also come in various colors and materials. The size could range too from small size to big size, according to the space you have to put them in and the amount of light required to light the place.

They are a stylish and functional rustic chandelier or light fixture used to complement many places. It is a type of fixture that struck the fancy of many homeowners for its simplicity, vintage style and grace. These rustic chandeliers are an excellent option for adding a refreshing, new look to a room while still being able to add the charming sophistication, style and rustic appeal of a 'country' feel. They have been becoming more and more popular over the last few years as they enhance the look of any space.

You can utilize farmhouse chandeliers in different places and any room like a kitchen, a bedroom, hallways, a living room, a dining room or any other space you would like to fill with extra light.


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