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How to Choose a Modern Chandelier?


Once made for illumination, now a statement piece at home — Chandeliers.

Although technically speaking, chandeliers serve the purpose of spreading light across the room. However, because of its distinct beauty and glowing appeal, it is now a favorite piece at home as it glorifies sophistication and class. May it be a plain room with little to no furnishing, a chandelier can bring out its potential and create a breathtaking transformation. Chandeliers have this recognizable trait of bringing life to a place while exuding such grace. No wonder most homeowners and professionals choose chandeliers to dazzle their home, at the same time, a vision of a focal point.

When it comes to choosing light fixtures for homes, there is nothing better than a chandelier. It is the perfect fixture that glitters and helps in setting the ideal mood for the room. It is also now the talk of the town since its look gradually transforms over time. From a fixture filled with overflowing crystals to ones with a modern minimalist approach, there are a series of designs to elevate our home. However, it is vital to educate yourself on all the different kinds of chandeliers available. You will come across many designs, types, and styles that might make it hard to add chandeliers to your homes. There are different types of chandeliers, and each serves a particular purpose. If you are not confident with the fixture you are getting, it might be unsuitable for your home. As much as possible, we want to limit our mistakes when buying a lighting fixture. If you get the wrong lighting fixture for the design of your home, you will just end up wasting your money, and it may look like a sore in the eye. That is why we have listed down some of the things you need to bear in mind when purchasing your very first chandelier.


What is a Chandelier?

Before diving into the technicality, let us first define what a chandelier is. First and foremost, a chandelier is a light fixture that will hang from the ceiling of your house. This branched ornamental light fixture was invented during medieval times and used initially as a candle holder. Chandeliers are closely associated with luxury and grandeur because of their opulent designs. Nowadays, chandeliers go from overly detailed to hardly any ornaments to match the ever-changing evolution of interior designs. In fact, chandeliers are no longer limited to grand halls alone. They can fit anywhere around your home. You can commonly use them in the dining area to mark a statement. Moreover, it can also adjust the ambiance in rooms like the living room and the bedroom.

Chandeliers consist of multiple lamps in multiple tiers that you can use for ambient lighting. This allows the fixture to provide uniform overall lighting to a place while creating a calm environment. In addition to providing radiance, another advantage of chandeliers is the welcoming effect they create in a home. A space with a chandelier beaming soft hues feels warm and comforting.


What is The Fundamental Difference Between a Chandelier and a Pendant Lamp?

A pendant lamp, which is similar to a chandelier, may be mistaken for one. Given that both of these light fixtures serve the same purpose and are almost identical in many ways, the two have distinct features that make them easy to spot which is which. A pendant lamp usually consists of just one shade/light source suspended from a single wire/suspension system. In contrast, a chandelier typically consists of numerous shades/light sources connected by a branched frame. Even with this differentiation, the line between pendant lights and chandeliers appears to blur when comparing more oversized pendant lamps. Mainly, you can refer to a more oversized hanging light fixture like a chandelier, even though it is a pendant light. Although the image of a traditional chandelier is often quite specific–a suspended light fixture with multiple arms and candelabras with beads and crystals suspended beneath–modern and contemporary chandelier design rethinks the traditional concept of chandeliers in new and innovative ways.


Chandeliers Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes


It is all about choosing the proper type of Chandelier for your individual lighting needs. You might take an interest in one of the products, depending on the Chandelier's style or design, the type of lighting provided by the Chandelier or its finish. In this section, we will be helping you to see the differences between the chandeliers available these days to help you identify what kind of lighting fixture deserves your home.


Chandelier Design & Style

Finding a style that you love is one of the most exciting aspects of shopping for a chandelier. Be wowed by the unique designs and the lavish adornments that set a light apart from the others—an exciting shopping journey to see what fixture will catch your attention. But, unfortunately, the design is not the only thing we should consider when buying a chandelier. We also need to discuss the following ideas to ensure that the lighting fixture you will be getting best complements your home's interior.


Design of a Modern Chandelier 

Modern and mid-century modern chandeliers are notable for their concentration on making furniture, which is why their make and design is different from today's creation. The furniture is both aesthetically beautiful and functional and the era in which people created them. More often than not, modern chandeliers use LEDs to bring modernity to the light. It is usually a combination of classic and contemporary elements to set a present-day vibe. Modern lights are also easy to spot because they showcase geometrical features and are made from materials such as brass, bronze, crystal, rustic iron, and wood grain. As the name suggests, this is the best choice for houses with modern interiors.

Contemporary design deviates from other techniques to create cutting-edge chandeliers. It demonstrates how people may reinterpret the Chandelier for everyday use.

A great example of a modern chandelier would be the ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Farmhouse Chandelier Aged Brass E12 Base. A beautifully crafted lighting fixture emanating sophistication and grandeur embodying the characteristics of a modern light with its unique spherical shape. Attached are 12 gorgeous flameless candlelights that provide a soft and meticulous glow, an excellent addition to any room.


Rustic Chandelier Design

You can characterize the rustic chandeliers with an emphasis on simplicity and naturalism. The rundown look of these fixtures is what makes them iconic, to say the least. It typically dwells on common earthly elements such as antique copper, brass, and forged silver with aged metals. You can also categorize them as a homage to the American West via the use of wood, wrought iron, and Edison-style bulbs.


Design for a Farmhouse/Craftsman Chandelier 

Farmhouse chandeliers, in the same vein as rustic, evoke a sense of nostalgia. A country living-inspired lighting with a timeless look that makes it easy to integrate with your present decor at home since it also incorporates modern and industrial in addition to cottage living. You can often use clear or no glass in these chandeliers to highlight exposed Edison-style lights, aged-looking wood, and metal accessories.

The ALVA Rectangle 12-lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base would be ideal for your rustic living room or above your kitchen aisle. A showpiece with a malted bronze finish exhibits class, while the 12 candle lights draw an intimate atmosphere with its soft and alluring luminescence. This fixture will surely add character and style to your dining spaces and living rooms with its edgy shape and dazzling glow.


Industrial Chandelier 

You can utilize the exposed wood and metal in industrial design to evoke the impression of lights that a user would have employed in a factory or industrial context. Industrial lighting is the type of lighting fixture with a retro vibe aesthetic, including exposed bulbs, wire cages, and metal shades. Traditionally, these lights are dark-toned to match the entire concept of industrial living.


Shapes of Chandeliers 

After you have decided on a style, you can think about the different shapes your Chandelier can take. A black chandelier is much more than just the number of arms it has. There are numerous chandeliers available in many forms like a globe, caged, Sputnik, cluster, round, rectangular, and beaded chandeliers. The shape of your chandelier also plays a vital role when incorporating the fixture into your space. To give you a clearer view, let us say; for example, you are planning to put a chandelier in your dining room. If you have a round or a square dining table, it would be best to choose a round-shaped light fixture to complement the shape of your table. Meanwhile, a rectangular dining table looks best beneath a rectangular chandelier, such as the ALVA Rectangle 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base. In case you want to go over conventional designs by using contrasting shapes, you can mix two to three-minute suspending chandeliers on your ceiling over your rectangular dining table instead of adding a single fixture. Doing this can create a texture in your room while showing off your design skills. And before we forget, there is a rule of thumb we follow with how wide your chandelier should be when placed above the table. As the golden rule says, choose a chandelier one-half to three-quarters the width of your table. While the ideal hanging height should be about 30 to 32 inches above the table, you may adjust it to fit the size of your table and the overall scale of your place.


Chandeliers by Finish 

As with style, you want the Chandelier's metal finish or glass colour to complement the surrounding furnishings. A chrome chandelier, for example, can be combined with bronze wall sconces if the design trends are similar. Different finishes are available: foyer chandeliers, chrome chandeliers, brass chandeliers, and gold chandeliers. If you want to create balance and harmony around your space, make sure to choose a chandelier with a material or color that is prominent around the decor present in your room. For instance, if you have a table with wrought iron legs, then go for a fixture with the same material. Just look around your home to see where you can draw inspiration that will create symmetry between your chandelier and your decor. 


Three Things to Think About When Buying a Chandelier 

Aside from what we mentioned earlier, here are some things you also need to keep in mind when buying a chandelier to ensure everything will run smoothly and you will be able to get the best fixture for your home.

1. Chandelier Placement 

You can place the Modern Farmhouse Chandelier as centrally as feasible in the interior space. The following are three justifications: 

  • Aesthetically: A well-designed chandelier is appealing from all perspectives. Placing the Chandelier in the centre provides a 360-degree view, allowing you to see all of the lovely details. 
  • Artificial Ambient Light: People is diffusing artificial ambient light more evenly when viewed from a central position. 
  • Symmetry: Because a black farmhouse chandelier is likely to be the only suspended object in the room, you can place them in the centre for aesthetic balance. They are perfect for creating ambient lighting.


2. Height of The Installation 

A chandelier in a dining room should dangle about 30 inches above the table's surface. It will help the individuals seated around it see each other without getting a glare in their eyes. If your ceiling is high (9 feet or more), add about 3 inches for every extra foot of height. 

When installing a chandelier in other rooms, keep in mind things like line of sight and safe clearance. After all, if a light fixture limits your view or you continually hit your head on it, it is not very enticing.


3. The Brightness of The Chandelier

The square footage of a dining room–or any room–determines the appropriate lumen count for ambient lighting. A dining room requires roughly 300-400 total lumens per 100 square feet. As a result, you should think about the lumen output of a chandelier before making your decision. A chandelier may not be the only source of ambient lighting in a space, but it will most likely be the major one to achieve optimum light layering.


Available Products:

50" ALVA Large Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Round modern living room 16-Lights Bronze E12 Base


Invite elegance to your home with a touch of modesty with the all-new 50" ALVA Large Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Round modern living room 16-Lights Bronze E12 Base. True to its name, this chandelier is suitable for large spaces such as a living room as it boosts a whopping 16 mesmerizing flameless candles illuminating in a symmetrical way providing warm and ample luminescence across the room. It comes with five different rod heights, so you can cleverly adjust it depending on the height of your ceiling, avoiding the pitfalls of constantly rearranging an extensive fixture to your top. The modernized hand-forged and bent angle-iron ring frame and the sleek bronze finish create a luxurious and classic look, making it easy to incorporate into any interior, including modern, rustic, traditional, contemporary, and industrial designs. The innate beauty of this ALVA 16-Light Fixture exudes a mesmerizing potential in not only illuminating your place but also adding warmth and subtle beauty to it.

What makes a chandelier as immense as the 50" ALVA Large Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Round Modern Living Room 16-Lights Bronze E12 Base advantageous is its capacity to provide consistent lighting all around the place, leaving no corners left behind. Considering its size, who would dare to miss it? As soon as your guests walk in, they will be greeted by the bold luminosity while being caressed by its unparalleled beauty. In addition, it allows homeowners to save money by buying multiple chandeliers to dispense illumination across the room.

General Specifications:

  • Rated for 16* 25W max. E12
  • Hardwire
  • Compatible with dimmer switch
  • Manufactured following the 110-120V US standards for US and Canadian markets
  • Certified to Dry UL electrical standard

  • Things To Note

  • Consider using an LED bulb with a higher lumen output if you prefer brighter illumination.
  • Chandeliers that weigh beyond 50 lbs. cannot be mounted alone to a standard outlet box. It may require additional bracing as well.
  • When cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth while avoiding using all cleaners and abrasives to preserve the finish of the chandelier.

  • Click on the link to know more about this product.

    ALVA rectangle 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


    Make your home feel warm and welcoming by bringing the ALVA Rectangle 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base. A chandelier that marks simplicity and elegance while emanating a bedazzling appeal to one's eyes. This gorgeous fixture will turn any dull space, such as a tedious living room, into a place of relaxation by emanating coruscating luminescence all over the place. The inviting glow of this light fixture comes from the gentle illumination coming from the attached 12 flameless candle lights that add sheer beauty and glamour to its hand-forged and bent angle-iron ring in a malted bronze finish. This fixture will serve looks into your dining space, living room, farmhouse, kitchen island, or hallway. Additionally, it makes your life easier with its 90D swivel joint that allows you to suspend it on flat or sloping ceilings without the hustle and bustle.

    The rustic visage and the edgy shape of the ALVA range Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier deliver a great blend of masculine and feminine touches while providing a dignified look of modernity and grace. If you own a modern or country-style home, this will create a jaw-dropping revamp to your space.

    General Specifications:

  • Rated for 12* 25W max. E12 candelabra bulbs
  • It is dimmer switch compatible
  • Hardwire
  • Manufactured following the 110-120V US Standards for US and Canadian markets

  • Things to Note

  • This fixture can be vaulted to a mounted ceiling.
  • It includes rods; however, extension rod for extra length is sold separately.
  • For cleaning, make sure to only soft, dry cloth without using cleaners and abrasives to avoid damaging the finish.

  • To learn more about this product, just click the link above.



    After carefully considering all the things we have listed in this article, we hope that you now have an idea of how you can transform your home with the help of a modern chandelier. Chandeliers are no longer just for illumination. Instead, they bring beauty and class in ways you can never imagine. You can choose the best modern Chandelier that you think is perfect for your home. Even so, make sure that you do not only look for the design that gives a wow factor but also check the color, shape, and decor present in the room where you want to attach it to create a harmonious balance. Where you place the chandelier, the installation's height and the fixture's brightness also play a critical role in ensuring that everything will blend to avoid commiting a mistake and wasting money. Nowadays, you can find modern fixtures in various designs and sizes. While some are overly detailed, others dwell on simplicity. Nevertheless, you may find an exceptional design without the proper knowledge and extra precaution when buying; you may be heading up for trouble. Although there are a lot of things to consider, and if this is your first time, it will even make you feel overwhelmed. But fret not. This article explains to you everything that you must need to know when selecting the right Chandelier to help you make things easy and hassle-free.

    In case you do not have any idea where to start your chandelier shopping journey, begin by taking a look at our collection of chandeliers. f you want a chandelier built on class and elegance crafted with the highest materials at friendly prices, come check out our store today!


    [Last updated on February 12, 2023]

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