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How to Choose the Right Size for Your Chandelier?


Users have been associating chandelier lights with elegance, grandeur, and sophistication. They adorn opulent hotels and structures entrances and provide lighting and beauty in ballrooms, event halls, and shopping malls. Many homeowners also use chandelier lighting to add a touch of flair to their houses.

Thanks to the advent of the minimalist trend, people increasingly favor clean and basic fixtures. Chandeliers appear excessively loud, flashy, and out of place in these sleek and minimalist residences.

Most individuals believe that chandeliers take up too much room and prefer to use wall lights and lamps instead. These statements could not be further from the truth. Chandeliers are still the best lighting option for homes and businesses. Here are a few of the numerous advantages of using chandelier lighting in your home.


3 Steps to Size a Chandelier


47" Round Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light 16-Lights Bronze E12 Base - Modern Chandeliers


Based on the size of your room, living area, or furnishings, this step-by-step guide will help you establish the basic sizing and location of a chandelier for your dining room, kitchen, or breakfast nook. You can use these dimensions in other sections of your home, some with unique considerations.


Step 1. Determine Chandelier Width

The converted sum is the ideal chandelier width (or diameter). That is true regardless of the chandelier's shape. If your dining room is 10' x 18', for example, a black chandelier with a diameter or width of 28" is the most excellent fit. On the other hand, round or rectangular fixtures should be at least half the length of your table but not more than two-thirds.

You can also utilize the square footage of your room to help you determine the appropriate chandelier size. Below is a fast reference chart that shows the proper width or diameter based on square footage. The length of the room multiplied by the breadth of the room equals the square footage. A 10' x 18' dining room, for example, would be 180 square feet, and a chandelier with a diameter of 28" would be proportional.

Divide the table width by the number of chandeliers plus one and use the result as the width or diameter for each chandelier when hanging multiple chandeliers over a table. Install the chandeliers with the exact distance between them as their width. For instance, if you want to hang two chandeliers over a 72-inch-long table (72 divided by 2+1), each chandelier's width should be 24 inches, and they should be suspended 24 inches from either end of the table.


Step 2. Determine Chandelier Height

  • From the installation location to the floor, measure the height of the ceiling. Make sure the installation site is at least 4 feet away from any surrounding walls at this point. 
  • Estimate 2.5" to 3" of chandelier height for every foot. 
  • Multiply the ceiling height by the size of the chandelier.
  • Convert the measurement unit from centimeters to inches.


Step 3. Determine Chain Length

If your ceiling is less than eight feet high, your dining room chandelier should hang 30" to 34" from the tabletop to the bottom of the chandelier, and you center it over the table. Moreover, for all the ceilings higher than eight feet tall, the recommended clearance is 36 to 40 inches.

When you hang a chandelier in another room in the house, experts recommend at least a seven feet clearance from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier. You can hang the chandelier in any room or corner of your home, from a finished basement to a walk-in closet, with that simple rule in mind.


The Floor Plan is Open

You can locate it in the living area above the living room set, coffee table, dining room set, or kitchen island. Apply the procedures above to establish the correct diameter of the fixture based on the approximate measurement of the space.


In The Living Room

You can locate it in the center of the room or above the coffee table. Whether or not there is a coffee table, the recommended clearance of seven feet applies. The most crucial factor to consider here is whether the chandelier will be the primary source of light.


Long Corridors

A minimum of eight feet clearance from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier is necessary when you center it in the middle of the hallway and space eight to ten feet apart. We propose flush mount chandeliers for low ceilings. The width of the corridor determines the size of the chandelier; each foot equals 2-2.5 inches in diameter. For example, a five-foot-wide hallway would require a chandelier with 10-12 inches diameter.


Products Available

40.3" 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Island Kitchen Square Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


ALVA rectangle 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


With this lovely Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier, you can completely transform your space. The industrial design looks great in any room, and the malted bronze finish adds a touch of class. This black farmhouse chandelier will give light and splendor to any room with its 12 candle lights. This undeniable showpiece will elevate your dining area, living room, farmhouse, kitchen island, or hallway with flair and style. It may also be mounted on flat or slanted ceilings thanks to the 90D swivel joint. This modern farmhouse chandelier would look great in any rustic or country setting.

Thanks to the antique bronze finish and metal construction, it has a high-quality, long-lasting appeal. It's simple to alter the height to fit your space with three various length poles. The metal construction is durable and stable, and the E12 tiny Edison screw lamp base allows practically any user to use any light bulb. So, with this Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier, you can make your house feel more like home!


27.6" 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Farmhouse Island Chandelier Lights Bronze E12 Base


ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round modern Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


This chandelier is perfect for illuminating your house. It has more than 12 lights on the base to quickly light the industrial edges. With 12x12 candles present in the illumination, it can quickly provide enough lighting to all the sides of your house. You can fit them in the living room, hall, or dining room. Additionally, you can adjust the height of the light as per your need. Pole A, B, and C are 5.9 inches, 11.8 inches, and 17.7 inches, respectively. It is the best light that you can use in your home.



At 7Pandas USA, you can choose the best chandelier as per your requirements and feasibility. When selecting the best modern chandeliers, you can go through the abovementioned points to understand what type of chandelier you must buy. You can go through the product section, select the best one, and avail yourself of great offers for a good discount.

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