Light Bulbs

What is a light bulb?

Light bulbs are bright, vivid and impressive bulbs used to create great lighting with lots of settings. All the bulbs are pieces of glass or plastic that produce light when an electric current runs through them. These devices allow light to be diffused or focused while transferring electrical energy into light. The electricity flows through the filament, making it hot enough to give off visible light, creating the lighting system. For more than a century, they have been helping people see, decorate and add an authentic touch in their places. Nowadays, smart lights are considered part of the smart home systems that reflect the authenticity of technology. They are a great choice as they complete the concept of smart home compatibility by adding their presence and value.


What are the types of light bulbs?

A smart light bulb comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, applications and illumination levels. Some are screw-based; others look like regular light fixtures that you can hang on the wall. Some contain a tungsten filament held in place by a glass bulb filled with inert gas or evacuated (or both) to prevent the filament from burning out quickly (and energy efficiency), and some are carbon filament. Modern smart bulbs have more advanced forms and have changed with new technologies and flexible shapes. Nowadays, every type of light bulb is available; some use fluorescent technology that involves phosphor powder coating or film coating. Others use light emitting diodes (LED light). Some are metal halide that uses mercury. Some still use the halogen elements such as sodium and iodine vapours and, more recently, use Hydrogen thorium, which is Eco-Friendly.

The newest technology now gives you the ability to create any color within your house with a controllable smart bulb that offers to be controlled remotely and automatically with remote control. Color bulbs In terms of colors, they provide cool light, warm light, white light, warm white, soft white, blue, yellow and many others.

More generic types also are the incandescent bulb, the halogen, the fluorescent, the LED bulb, Hue smart bulb, the traditional and the inexpensive. Also, professionals can categorize them according to their applications like lamps, nightlights, indoor and interior lights, outdoor and exterior lights and many more.

With the invention of the light-emitting diode (LED bulb), many bulbs are available, which are under research for use in new applications. LED bulbs are among the most efficient lighting solutions presently available.


Why should you get these bulbs?

Smart bulbs make using electricity safe and economical because they conduct current and give off light. They are environmentally friendly, save money on energy bills as they are energy-efficient and are much safer than conventional bulbs. They can also be an easy way to improve and enhance the look of any space either inside or outside the houses, buildings (both residential and commercial buildings) in terms of home decor, ambience, style, quality, features and even function. Newly LED Light and Hue lights can be used anywhere and everywhere, from mood lighting inside the homes to outdoor use in the gardens and the parks. 


Smart Lighting Bulbs Types 

LED Light Fixture (Color LED bulb)

LED light bulbs are just a miniature version of our standard light bulbs; only they offer a lot more energy-saving and money-saving benefits. LED bulbs are convenient, reliable and environment-friendly alternatives to incandescent and fluorescent lights. They use up to 85% less energy and lasts up to 33% longer than traditional bulbs. LED light bulbs use on average 80% less electricity than an incandescent bulb and last over ten times longer (20,000 hours). LEDs also provide a bright white light which is healthier for the eyes. Their sleek design allows for lots of fun stuff as they offer many light options and a wide selection of special features. They can be dimmable led light bulbs or color changing bulbs with all the lights colors like bright colors, multiple colors and different colors. 


Hue Smart Bulbs 

Hue smart bulb is the top pioneer of smart light gadgets. It is a smart light bulb that you can control with your phone. They come in various colors that can give your house a nice touch to freshen up the atmosphere. These color changing bulbs can also be controlled by remote control and via app control with a wide Bluetooth range and voice control. That might help in adjusting the full brightness, controlling the preset scenes or even playing music. They offer using AI assistance like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, supporting the IFTTT functionality. Hue bulbs are the brightest coloured light bulbs among other types of bulbs. 

7Pandas LED Smart Light Bulbs

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