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Crystal Chandelier

As the name implies, a crystal chandelier is a decorative and stylish light fixture that uses fascinating light-refracting and reflecting properties of crystals to create a visual sparkle for a room. Crystal chandeliers have been prevalent throughout history, and today they are used in all kinds of settings, from restaurants to homes and offices.

A crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling like other types of chandeliers, but instead of using candles to create its light, it uses electric bulbs. That makes it safer than many other chandeliers and gives it more versatility in terms of how much light you want to use. Also, the crystals are usually arranged in geometric patterns and are often accompanied by other decorations such as mirrors, beads, or metalwork.

While crystal chandeliers are often used in formal dining or living rooms, you can also use them in casual spaces like kitchens or bathrooms. The beauty of these great lighting fixtures is that they are adaptable to any style and decorating. And although many think these chandeliers are costly, plenty of affordable options are available. At 7Pandas USA, we take care of that by offering various options that fit every home and style preference.


Types of Crystal Chandeliers 

Crystal chandeliers can be found in different styles, sizes, and shapes according to the final fixture finish. When it comes to style, they could be classic, contemporary, Victorian, art deco, or modern, making them an attractive choice for many homes. Some could be small, like a mini hanging crystal chandelier, and some could be significantly large. The number of lights inside the crystal chandelier could be a few, and in some others could be many. Even the crystals used in making chandeliers could vary, like K9 crystal, Swarovski, gem cut, Venetian, wood polished, etc. Generally speaking, crystal chandelier lighting can add elegance and class to any space. If they are maintained well, these gorgeous lightings can elevate mood by shining some happiness in the house. Learn how to clean crystal chandelier here.


7Pandas USA Crystal Chandeliers

Shop from our wide range of Crystal Chandeliers for the latest designs in Chandelier Lighting Fixtures with a touch of Grandeur. Our bestselling K9 LED Crystal Chandelier collection is an all-time favourite. We promise you that 7Pandas has got the best crystal chandeliers for sale in the market.

You can use our chandeliers for domestic and B2B commercial projects. Please find the latest modern and stylish contemporary designs with us. Our design style features art deco, modern to a fusion of different designs and styles for the versatility of placement in your dining room, bathroom, or bedroom.

For custom lighting, contact us with your requirements, and we can custom lights for your needs—we custom lighting projects, large or small.

7Pandas USA: We are a Chandelier Light Store with our main office and warehouse based in California, USA. However, we deliver to the USA extensively nationwide. 


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