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Solar Garden Lights

Set up the mood of your outdoor living spaces by brightening up your place with the mesmerizing beauty of these Solar Garden Lights. These minimalist, sleek and majestic modern lighting fixtures are suitable as decors and lights for parties and important events in your backyard.

Embrace the beauty of the moonlight with these alluring ball lights that come in fantastic shapes and sizes from 16 inches to 14 inches and 12 inches in full moon glow. Imagine having a piece of the moon in your backyard illuminating your place with its glistening warmth glow. Or perhaps you can switch to a more edgy approach with the 16 inches outdoor cube-led light. The preciseness of this cube is undoubtedly an icebreaker. The subtle mixture of warmth and coolness it provides is a stunning piece to add to your lovely outdoor scenery. On top of that, these lights come in 16 GRB colours in different modes, where you can hassle-free change it depending on your mood with one touch using its remote control.

Although it is designed explicitly for backyards and front yards, these Solar LED Lights are also ideal for adding inside your home. These days, apart from gorgeous chandeliers, most homeowners add these balls of light in their living room, bedroom, office, and reading nook as decor or delicate lighting to embrace.

At 7Pandas, we always come up with the most unique and elegant ways to illuminate your home. May it be elevating the beauty of the comfort of your indoors or additional lights to pair with the unparalleled beauty of your garden, front year, and backyard. Moreso, our light fixtures are not only luxurious and magnificent to behold, but they are also made from the highest quality material from expert craftsmanship. So when looking for the best lighting fixtures, always choose 7Pandas as your best option!

7Pandas Lighting Shop features our bestselling LED Full Moon Solar Garden Light in USA. Check back often for more outdoor solar lights that we will be adding on to our collection. Our Full Moon and Cube LED Outdoor Solar Light comes in 16 RGB colours in different modes. The perfect solution for garden party lights or for garden decoration to light up the evening atmosphere. Beautify your garden, front yard and backyards with these beautiful and durable LED Lights.



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