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Outdoor lighting fixtures are essential components of any outdoor space. They are artificial devices designed to illuminate outdoor areas such as gardens, streets, walkways, parks, house backyards, and patios. They are generally installed or portable and may be fixed in place or have a movable head. Homeowners use them for flood lighting, general illumination, night navigation, or advertisement. These lighting fixtures can be mounted on virtually any vertical surface, cast an ambient glow, and provide accent lighting to create a safe and enjoyable experience.

These outdoor lighting fixtures come in wide varieties, colors, and styles. They serve different purposes, from decorative, flood, spotlights, and security lighting fixtures. Other types are landscape lighting fixtures, deck lights, path lights, and string lights. More details on them are as follows:

  • Flood lights are sizeable outdoor lighting fixtures illuminating an area with a wide beam of accent lighting. For example, they are often used to illuminate athletic fields or parking lots.
  • Spotlights use small bulbs and lenses to focus light on a particular area. Spotlights are commonly used in residential yards to provide ambient lighting or as security lights.
  • Security lights have built-in motion sensors that only turn on when someone walks by them. That helps prevent burglaries by making it look like someone is home even when they're not. 


7Pandas Exterior Light Fixtures 

7Pandas Lighting Shop features bestselling outdoor lighting fixtures like Solar lights: LED Full Moon Solar Garden Light and Exterior Wall Light in the United States.

Check back often for more outdoor solar garden lights that we will add to our collection. Our Full Moon and Cube LED Outdoor Solar Light comes in 16 RGB colors in different modes. The perfect solution for garden party lights or for garden decoration to light up the evening atmosphere. Beautify your garden, front yard, and backyard with these beautiful and durable LED Lights.

Our outdoor wall light features from classic exterior wall light to modern design exterior wall light. Our range includes industrial/bronze design outdoor lighting and wall lights, modern wall lights, and contemporary style wall lights with materials such as copper, bronze, and more. 

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7Pandas Australia: We are a Lighting Store based with our main office and warehouse in the USA. We deliver extensively across the USA.  


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