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Give your event an amazing atmosphere with this fantastic light-up ball. The LED solar water and weather-resistant garden decor is ideal for outdoor use and will change the color of your night from boring to beautiful in a matter of seconds. With up to 12 hours of charge time on one full day's sunlight, you'll have plenty left after the sun sets for any evening activities outdoors!


Our FULL MOON LED Ball Light is battery-powered and has 16 color options to choose from. It's the perfect product when you want some indoor or outdoor lighting that won't need cables or plugs, as it operates on solar power. With its range of different colors, this light can be used for many occasions too; whether it be creating an evening ambiance during dinner with friends, having all your favorite colors at the press of a button when celebrating with your family over birthdays and holidays, or using it strictly as a security light in areas without lights.

It also comes with a remote control (optional) so you can use its illuminating properties from anywhere in your room for silent illumination while reading at night and more! The design itself makes it versatile.

Put one of these cool lights anywhere you want to add a special touch. Built-to-last and UV resistant (so it won't be ruined by the sun), this is a hardy little light for kids who like to play in the yard or anyone else looking for excellent garden decoration. It fits easily inside ANY tree trunk; hang it up on ribbons or hiding wire set out randomly through your landscaping; even put it outside as a fun surprise next time someone visits and watch as they're dazzled when they arrive! 


Size: Diameter 12 Inch
Weight: 3.08 Pound

Charging & Battery
Voltage: 120V 50/60Hz Input, 4.2V 1800mAh Output, Standard charger adapter
Charge time: Under the sunlight about 12-15 hours or use a plug to charge in 5 hours
Working time: Up to 12 hours
Charge port with a waterproof cover on the base of the sphere

Lamp Shade: LLDPE
Lamp Base: ABS
Spike: ABS

This sphere is weatherproof IP65 and it should not be submerged or held under the water.

Packing List
1 x 12 inch LED Light Glow Ball
1 x Charger Adapter
1 x IR Remote Control
1 x User Manual

Unauthorized disassemble of solar products will affect the waterproof system and avoid the warranty terms


Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Versatile Solar Ball Lights

The 12-inch Outdoor Fullmoon RGB LED Ball Light is a formidable competitor in outdoor lighting options, providing a well-balanced combination of practicality, environmental friendliness, and visual appeal. This solar lighting miracle, which embraces the newest advancements in technology, combines the ease of solar charging with the dependability of AC power to ensure continuous brightness that can alter any outdoor situation.



Unveiling the Solar Ball Light

Imagine yourself in a calm garden lit by charming lights that glow gently. This concept becomes a reality with the Solar Ball Light. These captivating Outdoor Ball Lights redefine ambience by bringing a mesmerizing ethereal brilliance to any garden, yard, or indoor space.

Harnessing Solar Power for Sustainable Brilliance

At the heart of these Solar Balls lies a commitment to sustainability. These ball lights are the perfect example of environmentally friendly lighting since they use the sun's energy. Their ability to charge via solar and AC power sources embodies their versatility, guaranteeing dependable operation regardless of the available power source.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

The Solar LED Ball promises to improve your outdoor experience, whether having a small gathering beneath the stars or relaxing after a long day. The Ball Lights Outdoor becomes the focus of attention with its smooth incorporation into any setting, skillfully fusing practicality with elegance.



A Range of Possibilities

Embark on an infinitely fascinating journey with the Fullmoon RGB LED Ball Light. Users may easily adjust the ambience to fit any mood or occasion by navigating through a spectrum of colors using remote control capabilities. You can change from serene white that radiates calm and vivid colors that spark celebration.

Various Sizes to Suit Every Setting

Acknowledging the varied requirements of discriminating customers, the Solar Ball Light comes in various sizes, guaranteeing compatibility with any setting. There's a size to suit any need for lighting, whether on a little balcony or drawing attention in a large garden.

The Journey to Brilliance Begins Here

The 12-inch Outdoor Fullmoon RGB LED Ball Light is the only solution to create a peaceful and bright paradise. It reimagines outdoor lighting with its effortless fusion of eco-friendliness, aesthetic appeal, and utility. Let Solar Ball Lights' love and warmth fill your outdoor space as you embrace sustainability and splendor.




Light Balls - Yard Envy

Solar Ball Lights have the style and practicality to turn any outdoor area into a captivating haven. Warmth and charm fill your garden or yard with these enchanting outdoor ball lights, perfect for any event, from romantic get-togethers to lively parties.



The Beauty of Solar Ball Lights

Solar ball lights, sometimes called solar LED balls or outdoor ball lights, are cutting-edge lighting options that use the sun's energy to illuminate your surroundings. These lights are made to last because they can be used indoors or outdoors and are meant to be a versatile addition to any area.

Solar ball lights come in various sizes and provide design and positioning options to tailor your lighting scheme to your preferences. There is a size to fit every nook and cranny of your garden or yard, whether you want understated accents or striking focal pieces.

Creating a Magical Ambiance

Imagine spending a calm evening in your yard, lit by solar ball lights' warm, inviting glow. Their soft lighting produces a magical ambiance ideal for organizing memorable events with loved ones or relaxing after a demanding day.

Place them elegantly beside walkways to direct guests, or arrange them thoughtfully all over your garden to draw attention to its organic beauty. Because of Solar Ball Lights' adaptability, you may let your imagination go wild and create a room that perfectly captures your aesthetic and character.

Experience the Benefits of Solar Technology

The eco-friendly design of Solar Ball Lights is one of their most appealing qualities. These solar-powered lights use the sun's rays during the day to power themselves and turn on automatically at night, saving complicated wiring and regular battery changes.

Solar Ball Lighting lowers your carbon footprint and helps you save money on energy costs by utilizing renewable energy. Prioritizing sustainability allows you to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of your lit garden without any guilt, as you will contribute to its betterment while being environmentally conscious.

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