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7 Showstopping Spaces for Hanging a Chandelier


7 Showstopping Spaces for Hanging a Chandelier


The glamour and sheer exuberance of a chandelier can transform any space. A candelabra adorned with pristine alluring crystals shines a captivating illumination as light passes through these wondrous gems, making it a glorious centrepiece. However, contrary to what most people believe that chandeliers are only meant for living rooms and bedrooms, these lighting fixtures can be placed on almost all corners of your home to add an aesthetic appeal, especially to dark and shabby spaces. To help you maximize the beauty of your house, we have made a list of the places where a chandelier is a perfect piece to elevate not only the style but also the mood around your home. So the next time you pick a chandelier, may it be a statement piece or a modern fixture, make it a habit not to limit its beauty around your living room or dining room.

When searching for an ideal chandelier to place on your home, you should never automatically think of placing it over your kitchen table or around the sofa in your living room, but try to consider the other unique spaces throughout your home where lighting is required. It will help you transform the space from monotonous to vibrant. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, but this time, you are adding light to these tedious spaces, at the same time accentuating the charm the space possesses. From the living room to the kitchen to even the bathroom, there is a place for a chandelier in every room of your home. Here are some of our favorite spots for you to get inspired and give your space a fantastic update.

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1. Entryway

There is no better way to greet your guests at the door with a grand statement than by a beautifully lit chandelier. Adding a chandelier by the entryway will create a glow throughout the halls and even for guests as they walk up to the door. For smaller homes, a chandelier can be just the dash of drama needed to make a makeshift foyer feel like a grand entrance.

Is not it lovely if your home feels very welcoming, where guests are greeted with a warm embrace from your new chandelier as soon as they walk inside your home? So, as a tip, be selective and picky when finding the right chandelier for your entryway. And by "right", we mean not only the design and the sensational gems that make up the chandeliers but also the diameter of it to ensure that it is proportionate to your foyer. A vast chandelier in a minute area will make the light fixture seem overpowering, and placing a small chandelier in a high-ceiling entryway will be underwhelming. On top of that, how high you place a chandelier on your foyer also matters. On top of that, how high you place a chandelier in your foyer also matters. The general rule we always follow is the bottom of the chandelier should be at least seven feet above the floor. So, for instance, if you own a single-story entryway with a ceiling of 9 to 12 feet, the fixture should be at least 7 feet above the floor. But for a two stories tall entrance, the bottom of the chandelier should be placed level with the second floor. This means the light should be around 8 feet above the floor to make it look alluring around your home.

2. Living Room

Admit it or not, we love placing chandeliers in living rooms. Because why not? It is a great place to add a chandelier since it is where we usually entertain guests whenever they come over to our house, and it makes the room more luxurious than it seems. Subtle ceiling mounts are perfectly fine for a living space, but there is no denying the decorative presence of a chandelier. It does not have to be all glitz and glamour; there is a certain elegance projected for creating an eclectic living space. Nevertheless, the chandelier should complement the colour palette and materials around your living room to make it stand out and feels like an extension of the style of your living space.

When attaching a chandelier to your living room, make sure it beams brightness around the "living" corners of your living room to provide ample "headroom" and illumination across the room. For example, let us say you have standard eight or nine-foot ceilings; the chandelier or pendant should fall roughly 7 feet from the floor. If in case you have tall ceilings, adjust the height by adding three inches for every extra foot of ceiling height past nine feet.

3. Kitchen

Next to the living room, the kitchen is the other corner of our home, where a chandelier is always present. Apart from the fact that great lightning is ideal when prepping hearty meals, it is equally pleasing to the eye as it appends upscale chic and luxury. Installing a chandelier above your kitchen island is definitely going to be a statement piece to your modern kitchen. If you have the space, hang a pair of matching chandeliers for double the impact. To create a cohesive look and an inviting environment around your kitchen, place the chandelier where the bottom of the fixture is around 30 to 32 inches between the island's counter. Meanwhile, to determine the right amount of luminescence your kitchen requires, calculate by multiplying the square footage of the countertop area by 2.5 to know the incandescent light you will need. For this, the open cage Franklin island chandelier creates an open concept and will definitely draw family and friends into the room. 

4. Dining Room 

Another room where a chandelier is most expected, is the dining room. Simple yet stylish, a chandelier in the dining room will be a statement piece making the space stand out from all the others. The best kind of chandelier to add to the dining room are those with a balance of softness and hues. These fixtures offer a warm tone that will set a cozy mood while dining together. When including a chandelier to a dining room, ensure the chandelier is centered over your dining table, even if the dining table is not centered within the room. Assuming you have 8-foot ceilings, your chandelier should hang 30 to 36 inches above the table, and the diameter is at least one-half to three quarts the width of your table. Since we have different dining tables, the golden rule of round and square tables is the diameter should be about 12 inches narrower than the diameter of your table. However, if you have a rectangle table, they tend to be more leeway, giving you more options. Something about a striking piece like the ALVA 12-Light Island Bronze Rounded Chandelier makes even casual family meals feel special. 

5. Bedroom

The bedroom is your most sacred sanctuary around your house. And it is only suitable to make it as comfortable and luxurious as you wish. That is why adding a chandelier in your bedroom will reckon like you are on holiday sleeping in a fancy hotel room. Nothing says “master suite” like a truly fabulous light fixture. When placing a chandelier around your bedroom, it is suggested to put it in the middle of the room or at the bottom of the bed to fill the space with timeless decadence. To make a lighting fixture look good in the bedroom, measure the room dimensions in feet and add the two figures together to know the right size of chandelier your bedroom needs. Let's say, for example, your primary bedroom is 14 by 16 feet, so the sum of the figures is 30. Therefore, the perfect diameter for a chandelier your room requires is around 30 inches. And the same rules apply to bedroom chandeliers in terms of how low they should be placed in a room. Choose a fixture you can hang no lower than 7 feet above the floor for head clearance. To match the size of the chandelier to the size of your bed, choose a light fixture that is 36 inches in diameter for a queen or king-size bed. While for a twin or full bed, pick a chandelier that is 24 inches in diameter. The ALVA 12-Light Square Chandelier is a striking example of a fixture that adds panache, while helping to make the room feel more intimate. Adding in a piece like this can make a room feel luxurious yet still simplistic, and create a space of elegance and romance. 

6. Bathroom

Everyone’s bathroom should be an escape haven from a stressed filled day. Good illumination around your bathroom radiates comfort and accessibility making the bathroom beyond cozier. In addition, having great lighting will help you relax and wind down, especially at night after coming home from a long day at work. Some prefer fixtures that exhibit sophistication to indicate opulence. In reality, prepending a chandelier to a bathroom is a bold choice that brings style and functionality. The best place to install a chandelier in your bathroom is in the center to balance the tub, shower and vanity that line the walls. For a bathroom with a freestanding tub, you can place the chandelier above it to create a tandem focal point. However, more often than not, typical bathroom fixtures that offer both ritz and class feature dim lighting. But if you are looking for an equally functional chandelier and grandeur, Lucas chandelier is the perfect chandelier to increase the luxury factor of your bathroom. Finished in brass, this fixture works to elevate even the most uninspiring of bathrooms in sheer class.

7. Home office 

Being productive may be a little easier with the ambiance of a well-lit chandelier. Your home office is a place where you work as well as create, and should really reflect your personal style. You must use a lighting fixture with the perfect balance of brightness and subtleness to keep you active and alert and support your concentration while working without making your eyes quickly tired. Try adding a chandelier like the Franklin Light Cage Chandelier to your work space to create an atmosphere of productivity. When attaching the light to your ceiling, the rule of thumb is to hang the chandelier between 30" to 36" above the table. However, this measurement is for a standard 8-foot ceiling. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the size and height of the chandelier to avoid the risk of bumping your head when getting up from the table and make it a splendid decorative ornament around your office. In addition, always consider the location of your working space in the room. For example, a chandelier placed behind you as you work on your computer will create a pesky glare on your monitor, which may result in forcing your eyes to focus more on the screen amidst the glow. 

If you want to add decorative and accent lighting to your home office to improve the visual character of the space, try attaching wall sconces as well. It draws attention to the decor in the room, and they are lovely decorative lights to behold.



Without a doubt, chandeliers are a great way to bring glistening illumination to an abode while keeping the tone of the place screaming in elegance and class. These lighting fixtures are not only designed for areas where you entertain guests or cook hearty meals for your family. So take a look around your home. Which part of your house seems dreary? Maybe all you need is a new chandelier to inject timeless pulchritudinous into your place and make things classy and gorgeous. You will only know what kind of wow factor a single chandelier can alter to your home if you give it a try!

Chandeliers always capture the eye, and balances the scale and proportion of a room. Adding chandeliers in a home takes skill and is a work of art. If you want to maximize the beauty of your interior design skills, try adding a chandelier in 1, 2 or more of these rooms to create the ultimate look of luxury for your home. We hope that our chandelier ideas have helped you find the perfect match for your space. For high-quality chandeliers that feature a show stopping and luxurious look, always check out 7Pandas! We offer a wide range of chandeliers for all parts of your home. From your house interiors to exteriors, we got your back covered.

What did you think about our article? We had love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below! If you have not already done so, take a look at our store for all your lighting needs at the most affordable prices. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of chandelier can you install in a kitchen? 

You can install any style of chandelier in a kitchen safely, provided that you choose a sensible place to install it. There are a few practical implications to consider. It is always less than wise to place a light fitting directly above a hob as heat will damage your light’s internal components. You should also remember that kitchens get greasy and lights will need more regular cleaning, so choosing a simpler chandelier may be a sensible approach. 

To illuminate the entire area, chandeliers such as flush mount ceiling lights and ambience lights are ideal for the kitchen. You may also use LED lights in the kitchen if you are into that type of lighting. LED Lights are typically placed under cupboards and cabinets to add a glistening effect to the countertops and backsplash. Make it a habit always to place the fixture 12 inches in front of tall elevations to ensure adequate lighting inside your cabinets while lighting the materials such as the wood. In addition, ensure that the light's brilliance is directed towards the work areas around the kitchen, including the cooking area, cleaning area, and food preparation area, to help you while you are busy with your kitchen tasks. For the vanity area, the light should be three-quarters the width of your vanity. If the mirror is vast, or you are looking for a double sink vanity lighting fixture, try placing two more miniature lightning centered over each chandelier in your kitchen.


2. Can I fit a chandelier into my bathroom? 

Of course, you can. Chandeliers work best in large rooms. Hence, it is also perfect for bathrooms, where the sensational design of the light will not impose on the rest of the fixtures and fittings. Bathroom chandeliers are growing in popularity, helping to bring a luxury feel to the smallest room of the home. There is also no strict rule to follow regarding what kind of light fixture you can use in the bathroom as long as the light follows the correct safety procedures and is installed outside of the zones requiring IP-rated fittings. If you plan on creating a luxurious concept around your tub, determine the size of the chandelier you will be putting in to ensure it is balanced. To get the right size of the lighting fixture, take one-third of the tub's length. While for chandeliers that are located at the center of the room, mount them at least three feet away from the tub. For the vanity area, the light should be three-quarters the width of your vanity. If the mirror is vast, or you are looking for a double sink vanity lighting fixture, try placing two more miniature lightning centered over each sink. However, as with all light fittings installed in bathrooms there must be a level of protection against water damage in the long run.


3. How often should I clean my chandelier? 

Keeping your light fittings clean and fresh looking should be an annual job. Quite often, cleaning your light fitment is a neglected task and is especially true for chandeliers, because they look so fragile and delicate and therefore prone to damage. You are not certainly required to clean your chandeliers every chance you get. But the best way to determine is by looking at your chandelier. First, check for the frame if they already look dusty and the crystals start to lose their lustre; that is when you know it is vital to already do some cleaning. Mostly this only happens once a year, but other meticulous lighting fixtures usually require monthly cleaning to keep them looking fresh and beaming with radiance. In spite of that, some chandeliers are relatively easy to maintain since some do not require using abrasive cleaning tools when polishing them as it might damage the aesthetic look of the chandeliers. These instances usually occur on chandeliers with a matte finish. So before giving your chandelier a thorough cleaning, please read the manual first to ensure that you are doing it correctly to avoid damaging the design of your fixture. For 7Pandas’ chandeliers, the best way to clean our chandelier is by carefully wiping down each section of the light using a soft dry cloth. In addition, some of our chandeliers are designed to be easy to maintain since we know how busy your schedule can be. This way, you do not need to worry about keeping your home organized and your chandelier looking brand new.

Usually, it is the lack of knowledge of cleaning chandeliers that keeps us from cleaning our prized possession. This is also why some are thinking twice about getting a chandelier for their home. However, it is not as complicated as it looks. All you will need is to take care and use suitable cleaning materials. It may look challenging at first, but once you get a grip on how to do it properly and the right way, things will become easier for you as you go along. With a bit of attention, your light will be as bright and impressive to your guests as when it was new!


[Last updated on January 12, 2023]

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