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Tips For Styling Your Space with A Farmhouse Chandelier


If you’re aiming for a cosy and chic look to your space, look no further than the farmhouse style. As one of the most versatile design choices, the farmhouse vintage look is compatible with any decor, whether at home, at a cafe or a restaurant. It’s also one of the best choices for you to have an eclectic decor, or to add in a layer of warmth to your modern or minimalist design schemes. 

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Still, where do you even start with the farmhouse design? Well, we’re here to help out! Trust us when we say that the farmhouse chandelier is a great start for you to pursue this design decor, while giving yourself a great dash of style to light up your space. Lighting fixtures in the farmhouse style usually have a kind of antique look, and are combinations of wood, metal and glass to give you a truly rustic look and feel that makes your space pop. 

Today, we’re looking at some of the best farmhouse chandelier ideas for you to spark up your imagination and spruce up your space. 

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Rustic, with a hint of modern

It may not seem like they would work together well, but blending rustic farmhouse elements with a modern design aesthetic gives off a comfortable and lived-in design that is chic and modern. For example, the use of industrial tiles matches well with a contemporary carpet, which is further accentuated by a farmhouse chandelier like the Avla Wide 12-Light Island Bronze Chandelier. This gives off a sense of surprise in terms of the design, and makes your space pop. 


This is because both farmhouse and industrial styles incorporate the use of reclaimed woods, distressed by weather or time, and timeworn metals. The farmhouse design relies on a simplicity of composition so that a few well-chosen pieces do the design storytelling within the space.

Bringing the romance

A rustic wedding decor isn’t complete without a farmhouse chandelier to light up the spark. Bring a burst of romance to your big day with the farmhouse chandelier. Whether it’s the rustic charm of the Avla 16-Light Bronze Island Chandelier or the iron box details of the FRANKLIN 6-Light Island Bronze Chandelier, you’ll definitely be adding in an unexpected touch to your wedding. Trust us when we say that a farmhouse chandelier is great for giving you a whole new meaning to the term "setting the mood." Plus, the rustic look of a farmhouse chandelier will be a great contrast in a room with industrial touches and elements.

Best spots for a farmhouse chandelier


The kitchen is a great place to pair farmhouse details, from a rustic sink, to a wooden block table and lit up by a rustic antique farmhouse chandelier for a flawless and cohesive look. The FRANKLIN 4-Light Cage Island Bronze Pendant Light works well here. Plus, you can also add in more warmth with warm lighting, reflecting well with the wooden cabinets and hardwood floors that goes so well with a farmhouse kitchen. 


A rustic farmhouse chandelier is perfect in any living room. Whether you’re going for an industrial atmosphere, with rough elements like metals showing on the walls and floor, or a more homey feel, with exposed bricks or patina finishes in your home. With the FRANKLIN 6-Light Island Bronze Chandelier, you can always soften the modern flair to keep things nice and balanced. 



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While this isn’t always the most popular option, you can always have a farmhouse chandelier up in your bedroom. The bed will remain as a focal point, so an iron framed chandelier can give off a distinctly modern look. Reclaimed bleached wood beams give the room a farmhouse look. Add in some simple window coverings and carpets for more warmth, personality, and texture.


Image from: 1STPO Lighting

The epitome of rustic farmhouse chandeliers is in the dining room, where a well chosen chandelier can not only set the aesthetic of the room, but also demonstrate how well your lighting is when it comes to being the focal point of your space. Finish it off with some mosaic floor tiles and vintage mirrors for a warmer, more rustic farmhouse feel. 


The days when woods had to match and only one design theme had to be followed are long gone, with today’s design freedom allowing everyone to merge and incorporate different styles together to create a uniquely new style. The farmhouse design is a perfect example of this, being able to mix well with a host of other design styles. 

This is why we believe that the farmhouse chandeliers will be the next big design trend to bring your design further. We hope that our article has helped you make up your mind about putting a new farmhouse chandelier in your next space. 

What did you think about our article? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below! If you haven’t already done so, take a look at our store for all your lighting needs at the most affordable prices. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some key farmhouse chandelier characteristics?

1. Natural textures

Go for a rustic and livable vibe with rough, reclaimed wood and hammered metals for great natural textures.

2. Vintage touches

Take a look back at the past and incorporate those vintage touches to your design. 

3. Prominently metal

Make the focal points of your design using prominent metals like wrought iron, industrial gears and wire or mesh components. 

4. Understated design

Clean lines and simple design are key components for an understated design.


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