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What is Farmhouse Style?


Are you longing for the enchanting feeling of countryside living while in the city? Perhaps you once envision coming to a minimalist home that beholds a rustic charm with a modern farmhouse style. If you find interest in the refreshing aesthetics of rural architecture, you will fall in love with the idea of farmhouse style. Farmhouse style and interior design is characterized by practicality and comfort, using materials and colours that are widely available. Wood features and white tones mainly represent farmhouse style design since these materials encapsulate both modern comfort and relaxation while creating a country vintage accent. The most accessible material to get by was timber, so there is so much focus on wood features than other materials. Another important consideration is that nothing must be precisely in sync, it may sound unconventional but you must trust the concept. A modern farmhouse style is unlike the modern design and even the classic farmhouse style, which is rigorous in harmonizing the parts of a space in a rudimentary fashion. Knickknacks, antiques, or matching an old chair with a modern sofa enhance the farmhouse interior design. The beauty lies in the utility, with a dash of personality and history thrown in for good measure.

The renovated modern farmhouse design has profound roots in history, dating back to the early settlers in the United States. It was primarily concerned with utility, relying on readily accessible resources like wood, iron, and steel. Many of the essential characteristics of today's farmhouse style are comparable to those of the past. However, there are some significant changes to the style that we shall discuss.


Things to Know About Farmhouse Style Lighting

Image from: Square Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Island kitchen Chandelier


Farmhouse décor is famed for its enduring appeal, and farmhouse style light fixtures are no exception. Nowadays, modern farmhouse light fixtures are available in various styles, materials, and finishes. Metal, wood, and glass are the most common elements to name some. People favour the natural or reclaimed wood hue in simple modern farmhouse design simply because the design is deeply rooted in its origination during the early period. However, the latest designs and elements of farmhouse style light fixtures have undergone minor modification by interior designers but still showcases the captivating natural beauty of the farmhouse interior design. These changes in the decor styles are a way to give the rustic vibe a twist of present-day features to keep up with the growing trends at home. Industrial light fixtures in black metal, bronze finish, or wrought iron are also standard. These metal light fixtures are available in various finishes to complement either a classic or modern setting.

A distressed-wooden-beam light fixture might be a good alternative for a rustic appearance. Gooseneck lighting is still popular outdoors. These, too, are available in a variety of styles and colours. These alternatives make it simple to find a light fixture that complements the architectural styles of most homes whether modern farmhouse style homes or industrial ones. The modern chandeliers can eventually be as striking as a multi-candle chandelier or as essential as a wall sconce. Use it to highlight a specific room or keep it discreet with a simple light fixture design, just like any other light fixture. Lighting, in any case, is a vital design element that provides aesthetic and practical value to any room. Lighting fixtures are still a great way to add a discussion piece to any room. It is a simple way to update an existing look.


Types of Farmhouse Style Lighting 

Farmhouse lighting comes in different types. You need to know which is which, or else it will confuse you along the way. So we have laid down below the various kinds of farmhouse lighting and their distinctions from one another to pick the perfect match for your home.


1. The Farmhouse Style Lighting for the Living Room

People commonly use modern farmhouse lighting fixtures to decorate the house's open, living, dining, and kitchen spaces. For farmhouse style lighting, barn sconces are located in the living room to highlight a set of windows during the holiday season.

Farmhouse lighting for the modern farmhouse living room exhibits a timeless style that complements the modern design of modern homes. Its beauty is easy to incorporate with the existing decor of a house since the unparalleled outline gives a unique, timely accent to a home. Adding farmhouse style lighting to your living room will keep the place sharp and bright while evoking a fusion of emotion as the past meets the present vibe.

In case you are wondering what an ideal farmhouse chandelier will look best to your living room, you can try mounting the CANOVA 36" 8-Lights Round Contemporary Crystal Chandelier Bronze E14 on your ceiling. The sphere frame is made out of solid metal, which holds the eight flameless candle lights to illuminate your home. Each of the candle lights is covered by sturdy crystal glass, showing a mid-century enigmatic form of brilliance. At the same time, the sleek frame infuses modernity exuding the epitome of the essence of farmhouse style lighting. Its possessed charm will make any living room come alive with its vibrant hues and sophisticated farmhouse grandeur.


2. Modern Farmhouse Style Pendant Lights

This dining room arrangement combines design concepts from many eras to give this modern farmhouse-style dining room a new look. In terms of colour and substance, these pendant lights appear to be inspired by the windows in the backdrop. They are streamlined enough to not compete against too much visual attention and yet look classy. Vintage-modern farmhouse or industrial-farmhouse interiors benefit from similar light fixtures. A gorgeous yet straightforward weathered Iron black farmhouse chandelier not only lights up any designated space for dining but also adds an objective statement to the dining room. This wooden chandelier with candle lights mimics the vintage and rustic farmhouse dining table and chairs in both its design and materials.

A stunning yet essential aged Iron farmhouse chandelier lighting illuminates any dining area and makes a strong statement in the room. In terms of both style and materials, this wooden chandelier with candle lights resembles an antique and rustic farmhouse dining table and chairs.


3. Modern Farmhouse Style Chandelier

A great way to adopt the moder farmhouse decor and trend to your home is simply adding a modern farmhouse chandelier into it. After putting up a modern farmhouse chandelier, the visuals would be a circular breakfast table coupled with a rectilinear lighting fixture. The chandelier echoes its dark tone in the seats. The backrests of the chair have a rectangular form with sharp yet straight lines, similar to the lighting.


Farmhouse Style Lighting Tips to Illuminate Your Rooms

Every room in our house is unique and has its distinction. For example, if it is the living room, it should be bright and welcoming. On the other hand, while the bedroom should make us feel relaxed and comfortable, intimacy is a plus. Therefore, we need to know the exact lighting to complement the vibe in each room. So here are some ideas to help you choose the farmhouse lighting for each of your space's needs!

1. Join the Overscale Lighting Trend

Large-scale lighting has become a worldwide trend these days. The bigger the fixture, the more you will be able to show off its beauty to your home and pull out an inspiring look you have never seen before. However, this is a tricky scheme to pull off, but as long as you get the right chandelier size for your home, things will be perfect, just as you envisioned. To know the size of the chandelier you need, take the length and width of your room in feet and simply add those two numbers to get the size of the chandelier in inches for your chandelier. For instance, the size of your living room is 30 x 20; adding those and you will get 50" wide. So it would be best if you had a chandelier as impressive as the 50" ALVA Large Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Round Modern Living Room 16-Lights Bronze E12 Base to bring illumination to your upscale living space wisely.

2. Stick With Your Theme

Farmhouse lighting dwells more on rustic scenery. If you are going to add a chandelier, make sure that it matches the tone of your home. Go for a chandelier with galvanized steel shades and metal lamps such as the ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Modern Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base to set the vibe of your dining room into the look of the 90's era.

3. Black is Beauty

Going for a dark-tone farmhouse fixture such as black is a bold statement to make in a monochromatic kitchen's palette. Look at the 47" Round Wagon Wheel Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light 16-Lights Bronze E12 Base - Modern Chandeliers. Its gorgeous upscale size creates a dramatic statement in your kitchen while making sure that it provides all the illumination you need. Meanwhile, the clean and crisp outlines of the frame paired with a bronze finish compel a dignified look to match not only a farmhouse interior but as well as industrial-inspired homes.

4. Good Lighting Makes Everything Looks Different

If up until now, you still think that a luminaire is for illumination alone, it is time to shake things up. You can never imagine the modification an aesthetic chandelier can provide to your home, what more if it is made from expert craftsmanship like the one made from 7Pandas. As we have mentioned earlier, black goes well with a farmhouse-inspired home. Suppose you add a black CANOVA 36" 8-Lights Round Contemporary Crystal Chandelier Bronze E14 above your dining table, the illumination will deliver a bold statement against the pristine white ceiling. At the same time, the glass shade provides an underrated vintage styling optimizing the overall brightness of your dining area.

5. Get a Vintage Inspo To Your Plain Walls

Notice that the farmhouse setting dwells on clean white walls with vintage furniture, some with shiplap for extra details. It may sound boring to some, but adding a lighting fixture will undoubtedly place a focal point engraved into the space. Even so, farmhouse lighting focuses on rustic creations; it does not necessarily mean you need to find antique glass shades since these are usually flawed or wavy. Farmhouse lighting comes in many forms and designs, including the CANOVA and ALVA Lighting Fixtures we discussed earlier. These luminaires are perfect for simple, uncluttered homes while offering elegant design.

How to Choose a Farmhouse Lighting Fixture?

Are you going on a farmhouse lighting fixture shopping? Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind to find the perfect match for your farmhouse interiors.

1. Examine the Design

When shopping for a farmhouse light fixture, the first thing we need to check is the design. We need to give the outline a thorough, keen look to make sure we are getting the right chandelier for our home. In fact, it is easy to spot a farmhouse chandelier. These light fixtures frames are usually round in shape, inspired by a wheel with exposed light bulbs like the 50" ALVA Large Wagoon Wheel Farmhouse Round Modern Living Room 16-Lights Bronze E12 Base and the CANOVA 36" 8-Lights Round Contemporary Crystal Chandelier Bronze E14. In contrast, others are on the more edgy side with a strong structure, like the ALVA Rectangle 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base, which is rectangularly equipped with exposed flameless candle lights.

2. Calculate the Size You Need

Once you have decided on the style of chandelier you would like for your home, the next thing we need to do is check for the specification and look for the size of the light fixture. We need to ensure that the size of the luminaire we are getting is equally proportionate to the place we will be placing it. If you do not have any idea on how to know the size that fits your home, here is a simple equation you can follow.

There is a golden that professionals and home enthusiasts follow when deciding the size of a chandelier. First, get the room length and width of your room in feet. Then, you need to add both figures, and it will determine the size of the chandelier you need in inches. In case you have a 15 x 25 room, you most likely need a 40 inches light fixture fit for your place. On the other hand, to know the distance between your chandelier and the floor, multiply the height of your ceiling in feet by three. For example, if you have a 9' high, multiply it by three, and you will get 27", so that should be the distance between your chandelier and the floor. It is highly suggested to go for pendant farmhouse lighting so you can easily adjust the chandelier when mounting it to your ceiling.


3. Scan the Materials Used

Once you know the size, do not also forget to check the materials used in making the chandelier. If your theme expresses a modern farmhouse decor, then by all means, you should refrain from choosing chandeliers that are overly adorned by gems and crystals. Instead, search for chandeliers made of metal, natural wood tones, or wrought iron, as these materials embody the farmhouse interior design. It is also ideal to try to mix things, especially if you have an open plan concept so you can make the most out of your farmhouse style home.

The materials used also determine the durability of the product. We want to make the most out of what we pay for. Investing in high-quality materials and natural elements that will last almost a lifetime is only a must. At 7Pandas, we proudly take pride in that all of our chandeliers are made from solid and sturdy materials, so you can assure that you are creating quality investments for your home.

4. Pick The Right Color

Farmhouse style is infused with mixed colors, whether dark or bright colors, including matte black, bronze, steel, pewter or brushed nickel, and gold. As you can see with the ALVA Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Style Round Modern Farmhouse Chandelier and CANOVA Round Contemporary Crystal Chandelier are in the shade of sleek matte black and aged brass as these colors are the epitome of farmhouse living, suitable for keeping the aesthetics and architectural details of your home.

5. You Will Never Go Wrong With Layering

Layering is another exciting way to spice up your farmhouse style living. Aside from the pendant lights, try to include other different types of lighting like wall sconces and recessed lighting. Additional lighting will not hurt your prominent fixture. Aside from keeping your place well illuminated, it also emphasizes the innate beauty of your modern farmhouse style fixture.


At 7Pandas, There are a Variety of Farmhouse Style Chandeliers to Choose From:

40.3" 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Island Kitchen Square Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


Image from: Square Wagon Wheel Kitchen Island Farmhouse Chandelier


This Kitchen Island antique farmhouse chandelier will brighten up your space. The anti-rust malted bronze finish on the open circular ring frame complements the 12 (E12) candle. This undeniable showstopper will give a touch of industrial style to any dining room, living room, farm home, kitchen island, or hallway. Mounting on level or slanted ceilings has also been simplified because of the 90D swivel joint.


ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Modern Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


Image from: Round Wagon Wheel Modern Bronze Farmhouse Chandelier


This Bronze Chandelier will brighten up your space, collection of light, and industrial chandeliers. Therefore it gives industrial style to your dining room, living room, farm home, and hallway. Its open circular ring frame has a malted bronze finish and 12 E12 candles. That is appropriate for sloping ceilings since it has a 90D swivel joint. There are three various length poles in total, which combine a flexible length of changeable light height.


50" Large Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Round Kitchen Island Light 16-Lights Bronze E12 Base

Image from: Round Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Kitchen Island Chandelier


This Island Chandelier Lighting will brighten up your room. The excellent kitchen island lamp features 16 lights and is ideal for a variety of applications. The lighting fixture's flexibility and ease of installation make it a must-have for any home or company! These lights will brighten up even the most chaotic space without being too harsh on your eyes due to their average temperature and five variable rod heights that allow you to hang your light precisely right. Install one, two, three, or all five rods, depending on the height you want, with an installation that is simple enough for anybody to accomplish! The bronze finish adds elegance and luxury with a large-diameter clear glass lens encircled by a sleek silver trim.


ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Farmhouse Chandelier Aged Brass E12 Base

Image from: Round Wagon Wheel Modern Aged Brass Farmhouse Chandelier

In case you would like a pop of colour to your modern farmhouse interiors by going for a lighter tone, the ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Farmhouse Chandelier Aged Brass E12 Base is your best option. The design is identical to the chandelier as mentioned above but with the distinction of colour. This light fixture will be a great addition if you own a farmhouse home with dark walls. It is a refreshing addition to illuminate your abode while setting a warmer tone to your home by allowing the glowing luminescence shed a gleaming brilliance. Although nowadays, most farmhouses are in monochromatic white, including the shiplap, if you prefer the unconventional route and choose to use darker hues, know that you still have an excellent option for the colour you have selected with this alluring ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Farmhouse Chandelier Aged Brass E12 Base. It gives a relaxing break to your strong taste while striking a balance between your walls and ceiling without sacrificing the essence of farmhouse style living room.



By now, you already have an idea of what farmhouse style is all about. Given all the tips and tricks we have mentioned above, not to mention the chandeliers we have added for your preference, getting your first farmhouse-style lighting will be as easy as peasy lemon squeezy. Make sure to take note of these to prevent getting the wrong choice for your home. When the style is right, farmhouse style is a relaxing retreat to give yourself a piece of countryside living amidst living in a city.

For your lighting fixtures, 7Pandas is just one click away. Make sure to check out our latest designs to give your home a rewarding treat that you and your family will enjoy.


[Last updated on February 13, 2023]

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