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Best Chandeliers For Different Home Interior Design Styles


How would you define your home? When determining a home, it is not just about the ornaments you put into it but your specific interior design. There are a lot of beautiful pieces that you can find in the market these days, but how sure are you that these pieces fit according to the interior of your home? Your space should be a sanctuary of comfort and an extension of yourself. So if you are looking up and down for answers on what interior design would significantly match your personality and your lovely abode and which one of the best chandeliers available to use, we have made it easy for you to distinguish. That is by giving you a guide about your home's different interior design and chandelier styles and how to elevate the look using the right modern, traditional or industrial chandelier for your space.


The Differences Between Home Interior Design Styles

Boho / Bohemian


Bohemian Interior Design


Are you a free-spirited type of person? Then, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the timeless, unconventional, vibrant living that the bohemian interior design style represents. It is a mixture of usually colorful exotic finds and vintage furnishings often found at flea markets and antique stores. The idea of matching different contrasting pieces that surprisingly go together embodies an eclectic vision of your home. And one more beautiful thing about bohemian decor is how fascinating it is to taste freedom in every corner of your home.


Farmhouse / Modern Farmhouse


Farmhouse Interior Design


Modern Farmhouse is almost identical to country style but incorporates the striking beauty of light neutral colors with a more contemporary ambiance like a modern chandelier. It provides a more relaxed approach, usually adorned with reclaimed wood, pottery, and other elements that prompt a provincial lifestyle. A terrific chandelier style for this interior design is the wooden or farmhouse chandeliers with metal frame or wrought iron and clear glass. That is typically a good home for a growing family.




Scandinavian Interior Design


As included among homeowners' growing interior design favorites, Scandinavian features a minimalistic blend of textures and soft hues that creates a warm and inviting feeling; it appeals to be more relaxed with the right balance of all-white spaces with grey undertones. This type of design is one of the easiest to master. 




Modern Interior Design


Many usually find this type of design in the city where everything seems modern, yet the touch of history is still intact in a way that blends up to date. Modern design has an easy-to-spot aesthetic that forms Crips lines, playing between a monochromatic color palette and natural materials. It is a melting pot of modern, contemporary, and industrial approaches that combine several types of the best chandeliers in the market.


Traditional Style


Traditional Interior Design


Designers embed the world of interior design styles in traditional interior ideas. This concept's beauty dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when incorporating classic art, Persian rug, elegant chandeliers, and history ensemble elements elevate the beauty of a traditional home. Traditional or classic chandeliers can be a great addition to this interior design. With incandescent bulbs, a traditional chandelier light can illuminate any room with refracted light as well as giving warmth to the entire space.




Transitional Interior Design


We already talked about modern and traditional interior design; now we move on to Transitional — a perfect combination of classic furnishings and modern elements. The hallmark of this concept brings together various pieces ranging from organic textures to neutral colors with minimal decors that balance the masculinity and femininity of a home. As a result, it feels luxurious yet comforting, and it is a beauty that can stand out on its own.




Industrial Interior Design


Industrial is more on the edgy and masculine side that evokes an urban vibe that relies on incorporating factory materials into your home. However, it plays on the neutral palette with a clean look furnished with reclaimed wood, iron, brick, concrete, and rafters, usually an open floor concept resembling factories.


French Country


French Country Interior Design


French Country style is a graceful blend of European elegance with rustic comforts. French Country creates an inviting perspective to your space by using antique accents, shabby chic adornments, and farmhouse interior design elements in one set-up. The juxtapositions of all the timely and historical pieces bring elegance and timelessness. 




Contemporary Interior Design


Contemporary is often mistaken for modern interior design styles. However, contemporary embodies the notion that less is always more. It showcases the beauty of simplicity and subtleness with a minimal approach and displays the space rather than the things that make up the space. Contemporary interior design provides more freedom and uses clean lines matched with so many styles.


Perfectly Matched Stunning Chandelier for the Style of Your Home

Since we know how to distinguish an interior design style when we see one quickly, we are currently thinking about the elements we can add to our home. One good investment would be a chandelier. Designers design these timeless works of art to match your home's style. If you are having second thoughts, here are some lovely contemporary chandeliers that are perfect home décor.

1. Crystal Chandeliers


CARLO Rectangle Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass 32*G9 Lamp base


Trends in home décor come and go, but you will never go wrong with the classics like the crystal chandeliers. The luxurious design of crystal chandeliers like our CARLO Rectangle Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass 32*G9 Lamp Base is the perfect piece for Scandinavian, Traditional, Transitional, and even Modern interior design styles, depending on your chosen crystal chandelier. With many LED bulbs, multiple lights and antique brass frame, this ceiling fixture offers ample illumination for any living space. Gladly, 7Pandas has a wide range of crystal chandeliers to choose from.


2. Farmhouse Chandeliers


ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round modern Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base


Farmhouse chandeliers is one of the best chandeliers for many home designs and spaces including living rooms, dining rooms above dining table, and kitchen island. This lighting fixture delivers a rustic feel at home by casting warmth and modern lighting embrace and serves as a focal point when ceiling mount. This light chandelier is truly a magnificent piece to add to your farmhouse interior design style, as it completes the overall aesthetic of your home with its clever design. You can find myriad farmhouse-style chandeliers and light fixtures at 7Pandas made from top-notch materials like our ALVA 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Modern Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base. These timeless pieces perfectly complement the contemporary designs of today's home.


3. Hampton Chandeliers


MALIBU 5-Light Classical Chandelier Frosted Glass Shade in Satin nickel


Choosing a Hampton-style chandelier for your home means selecting cool vibes infused with sophistication. With shinny and glamourous light bulbs, professionals define Hampton with luxury meats and rustic, casual vibes with its unparalleled beauty. This style is an effortlessly diversified mixture of eras from the Baroque, Rococo, and Empire periods that features a soft neutral palette from whites to blues and has some of the best chandeliers. Indeed, a refined element to add to your modern and transitional interiors at home. A perfect place to get a Hampton-style chandelier is at 7Pandas like MALIBU 5-Light Classical Chandelier Frosted Glass Shade in satin and polished nickel. This place is ideal for getting an elegant chandelier meld with coastal charm. They offer some of the best Hampton-style chandeliers in the market, with extensive designs and exceptional distinct beauty.

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