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Selecting the Best Colored Flood Light Bulb for Outdoor


Floodlight bulb products have many advantages and benefits. In this article, we highlight them and spotlight the reasons why you should pick one of our outdoor floodlight bulb products available in three colors: green, blue, and red.


Advantages of LED floodlights 

LED lights have gained immense popularity in lighting technology. LED floodlights are efficient and save energy more than any other methods used for generating light, including fluorescent lighting. The reduction in the consumption of energy in comparison to a halogen lamp is staggering. 

Whether you need to light up an outdoor area for business or commercial purposes, sports, public ability, recreation, garden, or even a home living space, an LED floodlight will reduce the electricity bill by selecting the suitable LED floodlight. 


How are LED floodlights environmentally friendly?

Outdoor Flood Light Bulb Green Light In Garden


LED floodlights are too environmentally friendly in numerous ways. They consume less energy and reduce the fossil fuels burned considerably. That leads to a lower carbon footprint. They do get hot or generate heat like other light sources. However, they do not produce ultraviolet or infrared radiation. It is safe to use LED floodlights as they do not contain mercury as well. In fluorescent and CFL lighting systems, mercury (a dangerous neurotoxin) can be an issue.

Also, the designs of the LED floodlights are to direct a specific beam light angle precisely that you need the light for eliminating or minimizing any light pollution that you might incur otherwise. LED lights are durable and robust as well and require very little maintenance. They are often referred to as 'fit and forget' light that has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours if they are well designed. 

An LED light source is different from traditional lamps as they are a solid semiconductor and do not require flood light bulb replacement. The light generated from a state-of-the-art LED floodlight is of satisfactory quality and very crisp. There are also choices offered for available color temperatures, and they will be perfect for application or personal use. 

Cool white LED floodlights are selected to illuminate areas for sporting activities or work. In contrast, people prefer warm white for areas needing a softer ambiance, like relaxation and recreation. 


Reasons to choose LED floodlights: 

Outdoor Flood Light Bulb Blue Light In Wall

Image from: Outdoor 14W LED Par38 Flood Light Bulb, Blue Light


1. The lifespan of the LED: 

It is 50 times longer than a typical light and ten times longer than the fluorescent lights available. They require very little maintenance and replacement that helps you save money. 

2. Safety of LED: 

The LED flood light bulbs tend to create intense heat that will burn instantly. They require constant replacement, and hence there is a higher chance of electrical contact when it comes to old bulbs. LED bulbs produce zero heat and run on low voltage, which is very safe to install. 

3. LED light quality: 

The LED outdoor flood light bulbs also distort the colors of the objects that we are illuminating. The color rendering index will measure how nice a light source will reveal the object's actual color. LEDs have a more excellent CRI than other bulbs, which means they are equivalent to natural light. 

4. The flexibility of the LED: 

Most outdoor flood light bulbs can only operate at very narrow ranges of the percentage of their total capacity. They turn off when you try to dim the light bulbs too low. Therefore you activate the LEDs so you can get at almost any percentage of their full power. 

5. The efficiency of the LED: 

The colored flood light bulbs usually require a minimal amount of power to produce a good amount of light. It is excellent for the environment and the infrastructure, but it is also great to save you from the costly bills. Depending on the kind of bulb used, you can reduce your lighting cost by almost 90%. 

6. Environmental safety of LED: 

Old bulbs can burn and cut, while some bulbs have toxic mercury as well. On the other hand, LED lights are very stable and can be handled and disposed of without any special care. 

7. LED light emissions: 

The visible spectrum of light is a narrow part of the entire light spectrum. Most of the light produces partially visible as well as somewhat invisible light. LED light bulbs have almost pure and visible light. Hence it is clear that they are appropriate for usage compared to any other bulbs. 


Products available: 

Outdoor 14W LED Par38 Flood Light Bulb in Green Light:

Outdoor Flood Light Bulb In Green Light


This product is one of the brightest LED bulbs available and helps save the electricity bill. It is professional outdoor lighting, and you can replace it with a halogen. Also, it comes in green light and produces 1200 lumens. It is waterproof and hence is also suitable for wet locations. Moreover, it has a green hue instead of white and has a better impact if placed near plants or animals and helps produce a beautiful surrounding during the night. It is also ideal for bathrooms or outdoor gardens near the pool. This bulb comes with a three-year warranty and has a long lifetime of almost 25,000 hours. 


Outdoor 14W LED Par38 Flood Light Bulb in Blue Light:

Outdoor Flood Light Bulb in Blue Light


It has the same features as 1200 lumens, 45° beam angle, non-dimmable, and E26 medium base, and it gives out blue light and has a long life. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes and comes with a three-year warranty. These affordable LED bulbs will be a significant investment and help you save your electricity bill and the energy consumed otherwise. There is also the same LED floodlight available in red color that you can choose from our variations.



Outdoor Flood Light Bulb Red Light Under Trees


With the help of the above considerations and advantages of LED lights, it is clear that LED is the future. Everyone should switch from their regular bulbs to LED bulbs to help the environment and save themselves the cost of electricity bills.

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