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Spruce Up Your Space With LED Party Bulbs!


Spruce Up Your Space With LED Party Bulbs!


So, you’re planning a party. Whether you’re inviting friends over for a gathering, arranging a family dinner, or organizing a cocktail party in your backyard, the type of lights you use will set the mood. Proper lighting is one of the most overlooked points when it comes to planning a party, because nothing ruins a party like having lighting that is too harsh or too bright when all you want to do is chill at a night out.



But with the number of party lighting to choose from; like LED party bulbs to decoration lights, disco balls, fairy lights, LED strips, and glowing dark balloons, there are many different types of  party lights you can use to illuminate your space. Today, we’re looking at a few tips and tricks on how you can achieve the perfect lighting and how you can choose the right LED lights for the occasion. 


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1. Turn the lights down low

Whether you’re hosting cocktails for a group of people or just a quiet dinner for six, one of the most important things to remember when it comes to your party is to remember that your guests should never feel like a spotlight is being pointed at them. The last thing you want is to make your guests feel uncomfortable with such harsh lighting. 


Remember that your goal is to make your space feel pleasant and glamorous. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to turn your LED party bulbs down low. The GU10 LED Bulb, which is fully dimmable fits the bill perfectly. 


2. Turn off the overhead lights

Most living spaces come with one or more overhead lights. While these are great choices for day-to-day life, they may not fit the mood for a party. By avoiding overhead lights, you’re giving your guests the surety that they won’t be confronted with the harsh glare of the ceiling light at all times. This is especially true for common areas where people will be mingling around, as overhead lighting often casts unflattering shadows that spoil the mood.

LED Party Bulbs 


If your bathroom or event space only has an overhead light, An option to diffuse the harsh lighting is to use LED candles or tea lights. You can also consider some colorful table LED party bulbs that produce diffused light at eye level for a flattering soft glow that is perfect for dinner parties. Alternatively, try using LED lamps that shine light upwards so that you can have a better glow for a much bigger space. 


3. Pre-light your bathroom

The last thing you want is for your guests to walk into a brightly lit bathroom when everywhere else is dim. They may become jarred from the sudden influx of light, or have moments of discomfort. One great tip is to use light bulbs and decorative fixtures that will cast light sideways, rather than from above. Selecting the right LED party bulbs will leave your guests happy with a relaxed but radiant atmosphere. 


4. Understanding different types of party light bulbs

When it comes to choosing the right LED party bulbs for your indoor or outdoor space, follow this simple guide:


i. Decoration light bulbs 

If you’re looking to brighten up an outdoor space, a string of light bulbs in different colors would be perfect. For cozy dinner parties, use warm and decorative colored lights.


ii. Fairy Lights



For a more minimalist and fairy-tale like feel, you’ll want to try out this minimal illumination method, which is perfect for creating a calm and dreamy atmosphere for romantic dinner settings or cozy and subtle relaxation and cocktail parties. 


iii. Outdoor lights

Get-togethers with friends and family can also be enhanced if you decorate your outdoors with these LED party bulbs.


5. Show off your space

A party’s where you got to show off your home to your guests. Accentuate interesting elements in your space through lighting. This can be achieved by placing uplights behind plants and furniture to create drama, or to cast interesting shadows and create focal points out of existing elements like bookcases and artwork. If you have high ceilings, consider low pools of light. The effect can actually raise the height of your room even further by creating a vastness above your head. 


Remember that strings of party bulbs can be used in many versatile and beautiful ways indoors. Create an illuminated canopy above the party or separate different areas of one space with many strings acting as curtain of light.


6. Avoid accidental light spillage

Keep in mind any accidental lighting that may filter in from other rooms. This is especially important in small spaces when the constant opening and closing of the bathroom door can continually interrupt the evening’s ambience. To counter this, consider dimming the lights of other rooms to suit the overall mood of the space. 


Whether you’re prepping holiday lighting, planning a party, or want to stock up on lights, we’re here to help! We have the best deals for your LED party bulbs and fixtures. Decorate and spruce up your next party and your guests will thank you for it!


What did you think about our article? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below! If you haven’t already done so, take a look at our store for all your lighting needs at the most affordable prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits of LED light bulbs?

(1) Long-Lasting: LED bulbs last up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescents, and 40 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs.

(2) Durable: Because they are solid, LED bulbs hold up well to jarring and bumping. Also, LEDs do not have a filament, which means that they are not damaged under circumstances when a regular incandescent bulb would be broken.

(3) Cooler: These bulbs do not cause heat build-up; LEDs produce 3.4 btu’s/hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs. Common incandescent bulbs get hot and contribute to heat build-up in a room. LEDs prevent this heat build-up, thereby helping to reduce air conditioning costs in the home.

(4) More Efficient: LED light bulbs use only 2-17 watts of electricity. LED bulbs used in fixtures inside the home save electricity, remain cool, and save money on replacement costs since LED bulbs last so long. Small LED flashlight bulbs will extend battery life 10 to 15 times longer too!

(5) Cost-Effective: The cost of new LED bulbs has gone down considerably in the last few years and is fast becoming a cheaper option.

What are some of the LED light bulb colors I can choose from?

While most LED bulbs used today are clear or white bulbs, commonly available in ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ white light, they are also available in colors and used as individual bulbs, or even in a variety of ways for special applications.

Red is the traditional color for maintaining night vision. Some LED headlamps and flashlights have the option of switching to red light for use at night.

Many people like blue light because it feels easy on the eyes, but research indicates that some lights in the blue spectrum can affect human circadian rhythms and therefore, sleep.

The most popular of the LED colors. It produces a soft white light, without harsh reflection, glare or shadows.

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