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Lighting Up Your Home with These Essential Tips


Lighting Up Your Home with These Essential Tips


One of the most essential elements in styling your home is not necessarily the design, but rather, it comes in an atmosphere that you can create. No matter how you style your home, things will only work out if the elements are added up with the ambience you are trying to achieve. And there is nothing that creates the right atmosphere more than great lighting. 

In fact, if we were to give you only one home styling tip, it would be to not forget about how important lighting can be for your home. In the immortal words of Marcia Zia-Priven, an Emmy-nominated set decorator, “Because lighting makes such a statement in a room, it should be incorporated into a design scheme from the beginning.”

Lighting is not just a requirement for everyday necessity; it adds ambience and warmth to your home. Lighting can draw out the highlights of special areas in your space. Lighting is a key element in enhancing the atmosphere and vital to good interior design. So if there is one thing worth investing in, that is your lighting fixture. Although placing different decors around your house amends your place, it only takes one magnificent chandelier to transform the overall look of your home!

Before we start, remember to check out our store for the best lighting needs for your home. We have all kinds of fixtures you need that are proudly made from high-quality materials, showcasing one-of-a-kind beauty perfect for adding to the different corners of your lovely abode.

When considering lighting, there are three different areas you can consider: 


General Lighting

General lighting is generally (sorry!) used to achieve a specific level of light for a room. Some refer to general lighting as ambient lighting, so the next time you hear it, be clear, as they are the same. It is a type of lighting that provides a comfortable level of uniform brightness with overall illumination that enables people to see and move freely around the area where it is placed. In addition, it makes the interior of a home more visible and captivating. This can include overhead lights or wall-mounted lights, or even from lights like table lamps, pendants and floor lamps. It is good to note that the general lighting in a kitchen or the living room will be more significant than in a bedroom. 

On another note, general lighting is not only limited inside your house but also on the exterior. Typically these are the spotlight, garage and canopy lighting, wall lighting, and other parts of your home that lack illumination, especially at night. They are placed to ensure visibility and increase safety around your place, while some are outlined beautifully for aesthetic purposes as well.


Task Lighting

Like its namesake, task lighting is where the level of lighting is taken a step further by having more specific areas used in everyday tasks. This type of lighting bestows increased light for seeing minute objects or objects with low contrasts. Task Lighting is typically added to a room with ambient lighting to extend additional illumination. To give you a clearer vision of this type of lighting, imagine sewing. When a person is sewing, they may need extra light to see fine details, particularly when sewing by hand. Or reading and writing at a desk, preparing meals. To sum up, it is located in areas where the light is more focused on a specific corner that needs to be brighter than ambient lighting. These include desk lamps, cupboard lights and standing reading lamps for example. The best thing to do is to have a secondary source of light alongside your task lighting to help prevent eyestrain or dark corners. These could be from natural light from windows or soft overhead lighting.

Meanwhile, task lighting in the kitchen is outlined to proffer a shadow-free working environment when you are busy doing chores around the kitchen, such as cooking at the hob or chopping. On top of that, it balances the style of your kitchen and the other lighting fixtures in the room.


Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to add drama and highlight your space. This type of lighting is three times as bright as general lighting, which intends to highlight a specific object or area around your home .This type of lighting is three times as bright as general lighting, which intends to highlight a specific object or area around your home, converting them into a focal point. For example, using an uplight behind a piece of furniture can help to make that particular corner of the room more inviting and cosy. It is preferred to use fixtures that are adjustable to allow precision focusing on minute spaces or objects. The primary objective of accent lighting is to generate a point of interest, which is why this type of lighting is suited to living and garden areas, entryways to add a dramatic effect, and anywhere around your home that you would like to accentuate its features. These include track light, slim line bar and undercabinet, and wall-mounted fixtures perfect for highlighting spaces.

Now that you know what kinds of lighting you might need, the next step is to determine precisely what your lighting is for. There are a few different lighting styles you can explore depending on your personal interior preference, but there are also plenty of options and combinations to create very different effects. To help you find the right fixture that will complement the features of your home, we have rounded up below some of the options you may want to try.

Let’s look at some of the more ideal lighting options for your needs.  


Modern Minimalist

Minimalist homes will always be a thing, regardless of what other trends are current. A minimal style is classic, timeless and considered. The philosophy that embodies this concept is that less is always more and that everything around it has its distinct function. It dwells on clean lines, natural lighting, neutral colours, and practical furniture. Everything purchased has more thought put into it and is bought for substance, over style.

The Angelo Contemporary Pendant Light 5*G9 Base Aged Brass is a perfect example of this and is well suited for minimal interiors due to its simple shape and considered design features. This light displays a clean and symmetrical aesthetic in an aged brass finish with five spherical light shades encased in semi-opaque glass shells. It is delicate and pleasing to the eye, provides an adjustable glow through the translucent bauble, and is a perfect addition to modern kitchens. It is the kind of illumination that dwells with uniformity and asymmetry in an ultimately cohesive design. The design is outlined to open spaces where it can co-exist with the other elements present in the room without losing its distinct charm. Indeed, an elegant fixture that will radiate warmth and accentuate a modern minimalist home.



For a cool, Scandi-inspired style, you should consider that simple silhouettes and light colors are the way to go. White is always the go-to choice for your Scandinavian interiors, and helps to promote a light and airy atmosphere. This type of design emphasizes bright and open spaces that evoke comfort and inviting feelings. Identical to Modern Minimalist, the Scandinavian interior uses simple furnishing equally functional and infused with soft hues and texture for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic design. Usually, statement pendant lights are a must-have for this type of interior because they are more flexible and match the home's overall look.

Look at the gorgeous 12-Lights Wagon Wheel Round Farmhouse Chandelier Ages Brass E12 Base. It is a beautifully crafted and unique light fixture made of aged brass with an E12 base and a canopy of 5.6 inches. This light will surely leave a great impression on your guests and match your Scandi-inspired home with its alluring glow and head-turning luxurious style. It even comes with a dimmer switch to create the perfect ambience for your room.

Or you can try the Malibu 5-Light Classical Chandelier Frosted Glass Shade in Satin Nickel. Talk about the impression of light colours. This one features satin nickel plating and opal white glass shades in a unique upward position providing a warm and inviting glow, especially at night. The design is very Scandinavian yet offers any space a touch of sophistication and glam. It is a truly stunning piece to illuminate your place.


Luxury Boutique

From statement lamps to luxurious textures, the luxury boutique style is always ready for you. Creating this look is simple enough; you will need to think about utilizing marble bases, chrome stands and oversized shades for the best experience. 

Since this style is all about opulence and glamour, go for a polished luxury look with the Carlo 31" Modern Design Crystal Chandelier Bronze 22*G9 Lamp Base. It is the most ideal for the Luxury Boutique style as it features a sleek bronze finish and 22 sparkling crystals that will make a grand statement in your home. It is suitable for large dining rooms, living rooms, or entryways to illuminate ample spaces around your home the ritzy way.

The Frencisco 16.1" Round Crystal Chandelier Antique Brass is another epitome of what a Luxury boutique style stands for. This meticulously crafted light fixture adorned in clear hand-cut crystals illuminating the antique gold finish will bring elegance and class to any room of your home. It is finely crafted that features a dramatic approach to timid spaces.


Compact Living

If you find that your home lacks space, and you need to squeeze a little bit more into a little bit less, you should try the compact living style. Save space by using lighting choices that keep your surfaces clear and create a statement. Adding a lighting fixture such as a chandelier is tricky for this aesthetic since the space is minimal. But it does not necessarily mean you cannot have one. For this, it is suggested to use wall lights or pendant lights to achieve optimal space instead.

For instance, you can use the Seattle 2-Light Wall Sconces Light Tube Glass for your vanity or walls around your kitchen and living room. It delivers a classic look while being versatile enough to elevate the appearance of your home. It boasts profile lines that add style and dimension, and on top of that, it uses LED lights, which are also energy efficient. So you already have modern home decor while saving money all at once!

If you want a more compact yet chic style, check out Leon 15 9/10" Wide 2-Light Polished Chrome Bathroom Vanity Lights. This light will upgrade your bathroom decor in a flash with its sleek and classical look in polished chrome finish and frosted glass. Apart from bathrooms, you can also place this fixture in areas where moisture is inevitable such as the kitchen.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before you start buying your lamps and pendant lights, you need to take a moment to ask yourself a few questions. Maybe you have these questions in mind, and we are here to help!


What will I use the room for?

Knowing how you are going to use a space is key to getting the atmosphere right. Do you want it to be an extension of your living room? Make it a home office? Or another recreational area around your home? Contemplate it thoroughly if you are going to keep things right. Kitchens generally need bright, overhead task lighting so you can see what you are doing, whereas bedrooms are generally dimmer to promote relaxation.

Let's say you have an ample living room. So naturally, this will require a great deal of lighting. So to keep the space cool and bright, we need a lighting fixture like the Canova 36" 8-Lights Round Contemporary Crystal Chandelier Bronze E14. It has the right size for large spaces and offers a luminescence that occupies the whole area. Apart from keeping the space vividly bright, it provides a refined overhead accent with its deluxe features.

For the bedroom, we need a fixture that will radiate a glow but not overpowering for comfort and relaxation. Therefore, we need a fixture like the Memphis Hampton Style 3-Lights E12 Orbits Chandelier Matt Black. This modern light comes with a dimmer switch compatible to enhance the illumination around the room. If you prefer to keep the space vibrant, consider using an LED bulb with a higher lumen.

Meanwhile, bathroom light fixtures need to be bright mixed with comfort and style. We recommend using Poleis 15 9/10" Wide 2-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Vanity Light, and the Leon 23 3/5" Wide 3-Light Brushed Nickel Vanity Light. If you prefer a darker tone for the room, go with the first one. But if you like a brighter appearance and a homey feel to your bathroom, we suggest you choose the Leon Vanity Light. The classic styles of these light fixtures will complement any ornaments in the bathroom and the lights used are listed for wet locations. They keep the bathroom a sanctuary for relaxation and keep you from worries and harm as they are crafted especially for bathrooms alone.


What atmosphere do I want to create?

Creating an atmosphere can be as simple as playing with levels of lighting. Romantic scenes are usually lit with candles and soft lamps, while if you are looking to relax, unwind or just hang out, a soft, warm lighting is required. Living rooms usually intend to mimic an inviting ambience for entertaining guests while creating a relaxing spot for our family but keeping everything looking elegant and classy. Therefore, we need Carlo 31" Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass 22*G9 Lamp Base to spruce things up. It has the perfect balance of modernity, elegance, and style. It is beaming with pristine illumination fit for large areas.

Children’s playrooms are spaces to promote learning, creativity and play, so you would naturally require a slightly brighter light to see what is going on. This is why an ALVA 12-Light Wagon Wheel Round Modern Farmhouse Chandelier Bronze E12 Base is apt for playrooms. It is made from durable and sturdy materials, making it safe for kids. At the same time, the 12 light bulbs enclosed with it will certainly keep the room bright and vivid.

The home office must be formal to stimulate our focus and perseverance when working but cozy enough since we are in the comfort of our house. This is why a Vero 5-Light Hampton Style Chandelier Frosted Glass Shade with Satin nickel is fitted for this situation. The hand-forged angle-iron steel body in satin nickel plating is a gorgeous addition to a home office where decorations are unnecessary. In addition, the opal white glass shades point upward to form a bright illumination. Just be sure to place it where the position of your desk is not blocking the light to avoid having flares showing on your computer monitor. For a classy bathroom vanity mirror light, the Leon Polished Chrome Bathroom Vanity Lights fits the bill perfectly.


What space do I have?

Thinking about space is usually the most overlooked thing when it comes to lighting your home. Making sure you have enough room for your chosen lighting should be taken into consideration. Determining the space you have will help you find the right lighting fixture for your home needs. If you own a spacious living room, of course, you should not pick a miniature chandelier as it will only dim the beauty of your space. While for smaller spaces, getting a vast chandelier will look overpowering and ill-suited to your place. The simple trick to knowing the size of the chandelier you need is by adding the room dimensions together in feet and then converting the answer you will get into inches. For example, your room measures 10' x 16'. Adding those figures and you get 26' in total, so your chandelier should be around 26 inches. Compact styles such as the MALIBU 1-Light Classical Chandelier Frosted Glass Shade in Satin nickel or the MEMPHIS Hampton Style 3-Lights E12 Orbits Chandelier Matt Black are fantastic choices for creating your compact living space.


What is my budget?

Finally, do not forget your budget! Set yourself a budget for your lighting and stick to it. With so many options you are bound to find a designer knock-off or beautiful simple design within your price range. Be critical and have patience. You do not need to go overboard to style your home. Instead, be practical when it comes to finding the correct fixture for your home and if you still do not have the budget for it, look for alternatives that will provide you with quality lighting fixtures close to your allotted price range. Check out our range of lighting options for your home that are fantastically affordable! If you are on a budget and looking for chandeliers to help you transform your lovely abode into a sanctuary of elegance and style, look no further than 7Pandas. Excellent illumination does not need to break your bank account. We offer myriad lighting options for you to choose from, available at reasonable and affordable prices. And just because our chandeliers are economical, we craft them with the best craftsmanship and make them from high-quality materials that will last almost a lifetime. Every chandelier we offer is definitely worth the price!

We hope you have taken some inspiration from these lighting tips, and they will aid you in creating a refreshing atmosphere around your home. With the proper knowledge and knowing exactly what type of lighting you need, you will see how much difference it can alter to your space. May it be a vast area or compact living, there is always lighting that will fit precisely for your home. So start marveling around your home and see what corners need some styling. Keep in mind that good lighting always comes a long way. Who knows? Your home might be one chandelier away from elevating its look from dull into a hotel-feel!

What did you think about our article? We had love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below! If you have not already done so, take a look at our store for all your lighting needs at the most affordable prices.


[Last updated on January 12, 2023]

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