Wall Light

Wall Lights

The wall light is an individual adjustable electric lighting fixture attached to a wall or sometimes hanging from a ceiling. These light fixtures are self-contained luminaires designed to be fitted on the wall, made from premium metal materials and a great alternative to a pendant or ceiling fixture. With a convenient and rustic design that looks better than other fixtures, wall sconces are a versatile and stylish pick that illuminates and shines bright for any space you put them in.  It is designed to catch anyone’s attention. Still, it is also energy efficient with LED Bulbs that use only a fraction of the power of the fluorescent bulbs whilst providing a comparable light output. Featuring an adjustable rod and spring-based mechanism, it adjusts to fit your precise needs while sitting flush with the wall. With an easy on/off installation and multiple options for mounting, this wall light will brighten up any space you have.

These wall sconces could be mounted on the walls and sometimes ceilings or any vertical space to illuminate your living room, hallway, entryway, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kitchen or any existing décor or space you have. They are a great addition since they can also suit your outdoor use. These industrial wall sconces come with a classic design and various functions and features that illuminate an area for safety, visual interest or convenience. They act as functional and decorative lighting elements that shed light on things and spaces you might not have thought about before. Besides their easy installation, they don’t require any significant electrical work or renovation, making them a practical choice for any type of places residential or commercial buildings. If you are looking for illuminating your living space, and whether you need a soft glow for reading or a brighter spot for entertaining, our oil rubbed bronze wall sconces are the perfect choice you can rely on.


The Types of Wall Lights

Deepening on the type, style and shape of wall lights, the simplest is merely bulbs attached to the wall with sockets for both connections of power supply wires and attachment of the cables themselves. They can be either mains powered or battery powered (Portable). The majority of them are electric lamps (LED, Halogen, and Fluorescent), but there are some alternative technologies like (Solar, heat, etc.).  


The LED Wall Sconce

The LED wall sconces were designed from the ground to be a perfect combination of form and function to provide safety, visibility, aesthetics and energy efficiency where needed most. They are ideal for residential and commercial buildings applications requiring functional task lighting. The integrated LED lights have a lifespan of 60,000 hours and come with a dimmer switch for adjusting the brightness to your preference.


7Pandas Light Sconces 

We stock a wide range of exterior wall lights, outdoor wall lights, bathroom vanity lights, vanity lights over mirror for domestic and commercial projects. Please find the latest modern and stylish contemporary wall sconce and top deals designs with us. 

We update our designs regularly to ensure we cater to the latest market and industrial designs. Our design focus in stock currently caters to industrial/bronze design outdoor wall lights, modern wall lights, contemporary style wall lights with materials such as copper, bronze and more. 

For custom lighting, contact us with your requirements, and we can custom lights for your needs. We offer services to custom lighting for lighting projects large or small. For more details of our custom lighting service, please refer to our custom lighting page.

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