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Style Guide for Lighting Up Your Bathroom Vanity Mirrors


The mirror selfie in beautiful bathrooms has become a trend that many people indulge in. There is something about snapping a picture of yourself in an amazingly large mirror with a tastefully decorated background serving a visual treat to your social media followers. Whether it’s in your own home, or a public space like a hotel or restaurant bathroom, the bathroom mirror plays an important role in every bathroom. They are essential for checking out one’s appearance, applying makeup or shaving. 


The mirror selfie in beautiful bathrooms has become a trend that many people indulge in

Image from: Mirrors & Marble

Large and small mirrors provide a vital focal point to any bathroom decor. For smaller spaces, large mirrors can help to give an impression of a larger space. For darker bathrooms, the reflection of light gives off a brighter and more cheery feel. Mirrors can also be used to hide elements like a deep countertop cabinet or add a decorative flair to the room, similar to a piece of wall art.

However, its importance goes beyond that. It can do so much more than just showing you a reflection of how you look. It enhances the bathroom as it adds style, light, and it usually provides additional storage space for your cosmetics. At the core of it, having good lighting is an important step so that you can enjoy the benefits of the mirror you picked, as well as to further enhance your selfies.  

The decision on whether just ceiling lighting is sufficient, or whether you need additional lighting on top or beside the mirror plays a huge part as well. Today, we’re looking at a few stylistic bathroom mirrors and inspired lighting ideas to make your bathroom the perfect photo spot. 

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Side sconces are great for providing light


Side sconces are great for providing light

Image from: YLighting

 Side by side sconces are great for helping you have a well-lit mirror to make you look your best. Placed at eye-level, these light fixtures will illuminate your space, without the hassle of casting any dark shadows. The Kalica Wall Sconces work very well for this. Of course, there is the issue of space to think about, as vertical sconces take up a relatively large amount of space beside your mirror. A tip is to limit the side sconces to narrower set-ups, with only around 36 inches to 40 inches apart from each other.

Size matters

When planning your bathroom mirror lighting, you should also consider the size. If your bathroom has enough space for two overhead lights above the mirror, make sure you don’t overwhelm the mirror with an oversized fixture.For example, you can pair a skinnier mirror with vanity lighting that’s roughly the same width so that you won’t have a lopsided look to it. 


Light Bathroom Vanity Light

A great choice is the Boly Brushed Nickel 1-Light Bathroom Vanity Light, which gives you the perfect height for vanity lighting above your mirror at around 75 - 80 inches from the floor. A tip is to remember that the longer the mirror, the longer the light needs to be, so that you won’t have any pockets of darkness lingering around. 

Your style comes first

At the gist of it, your bathroom vanity lighting must have traces of your own style mixed in. You shouldn’t just be going for any lighting fixtures that you think would look good, instead, try going for lights that fit your overall bathroom style. If your vanity lighting doesn’t gel with your overall bathroom style, you’re going to have a very mismatched and disjointed look, which doesn’t bode well. 


bathroom vanity lighting

If you’re creating a more traditional look, you could try the Leon 3-Light Polished Chrome Vanity Light, which lets you have a more upscale and classy look. Otherwise, the Kalica Wall Sconces, with their glass covers help to suit a frameless mirror setup. 

Alternative lighting options for larger vanity mirrors

Decorative mirrors that are uniquely shaped, large or have a bulky frame take up a different space than a traditional vanity mirror. This can affect your ability to place lighting in your bathroom. It may mean you can't put lighting above your vanity, resulting in ceiling lights.

However, we have a tip for you to work around this problem. What you can do is to cut a large vanity mirror into two pieces, then put in two vanity lights, one over each mirror, instead of having one long light across the top. This way, you’ll be saving a lot of space, but still getting sufficient lighting for your bathroom mirror. The Poleis 2-Light Chrome Vanity Light is a great fit for this kind of application, and it looks great to boot. 


Light Chrome Vanity Light


If you want to turn your bathroom into a beautifully aesthetic designer piece, make sure that you pair your mirrors with the complementary lighting. Choosing your bathroom vanity lighting is just as essential as picking out tile or hanging the perfect shower curtain. Whatever you choose, we hope that this article has helped you to learn how to pick a good setup no matter what your bathroom design is. 

What did you think about our article? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below! If you haven’t already done so, take a look at our store for all your lighting needs at the most affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some pros and cons of having decorative bathroom mirrors?

Pro: Decorative mirrors make a statement

As a statement piece, decorative mirrors are able to bring out a flair to your space, not only in the bathroom, but also in living rooms, bedrooms and more. Adding in vanity lighting will only serve to enhance that statement by literally putting it in the spotlight.

Pro: Decorative mirrors incorporate a theme into your bathroom

Having a theme in your bathroom is great, and your mirror can be an important centerpiece to the role. For example, if you’re planning to go for a contemporary theme, you can opt for large, frameless mirrors, lit up by side sconces for a great look!

Con: Decorative mirrors sacrifice function for looks

Decorative bathroom mirrors look great, but they may not function well. Some decorative mirrors have small surface areas, making it harder to check your appearance. But this can be remedied by utilizing lighting to further improve the overall look and feel of the bathroom. 

2. What kind of finishing should I choose for my lighting fixture?

Many people like to pair their light fixture with the faucet. The trend here is mixing metals, but you have to remember that the silver faucet may not match well with a nickel-brushed sconce. If you really must, try to pick metals that complement each other, rather than clash aesthetically. 


lighting fixture

Image from: Home Design, Decorating & Remodelling

For example, if you’re choosing a glass sconce like the Kalica Wall Sconces, your sink should be a darker color like black or grey to keep the modern sleek lines cohesive and looking great.

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