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How to properly light your bathroom

Varying the lighting types in your bathroom is incredibly important. Emile Azan says “I would suggest that you consider having different levels of lighting. Then, if you’re taking a late-night trip to the bathroom, you can turn on the low-level lighting without waking up others – or yourself – too much!”

Lighting can be broken down into five key areas:

  • Mirror
  • Ceiling
  • Cabinet
  • Wall light
  • Shower


Lights To Use Near The Mirror

Mirrors need task lighting. This provides the brightest light and will give you the most accurate representation of how you look. It will also help you shave/apply make-up more easily.

Avoid placing task lighting above the mirror unless you use vanity lights (see next paragraph). Just using task lights above your head can cast deep shadows below your eyes, nose and chin and change the look of your face.

As well as task lighting above the mirror, you should add some ‘vanity lights’ either around the mirror or to the side of it. These can be a simple strip light or softer bulbs. They will help remove any shadows from your face and allow you to see yourself more clearly.


Lights To Use In The Ceiling

Ceiling lights can use task, ambient or accent lighting. It’s best to use a range of all three, to make your bathroom safe yet stylish.

Your task lighting should illuminate the bathroom as brightly as possible. You can use GU10s or downlights for this. Make sure they are 3000k or higher, as this offers a whiter colour of light.For more information on colour temperature.

For accent lighting, you can use downlights. Look for a downlight with a longer neck that you can point in a specific direction. Don’t recess your accent lighting as this stops you from illuminating different parts of the room.

Create ambient lighting by using strip lights or coloured LEDs. To get the right atmosphere, experiment with where you place your ambient lighting—it all depends on the size of your bathroom. Discuss with your designer/electrician what options they recommend.

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