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JULIA Motion Sensor Outdoor Exterior Wall Sconce Glass Matt Black E26 IP44


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The JULIA Motion Sensor Exterior Wall Lights will charm your outside area. These wall lights combine endurance and effectiveness seamlessly, making them an excellent option for outdoor lighting requirements.

The JULIA wall lights are precisely crafted and are built with a strong iron metal body that radiates robustness to the weather. These lights are weather-resistant and stylish thanks to the matte black powder coating, making them appropriate for outdoor use. JULIA wall lights, featuring ribbed glass for texture and clear for a clean, contemporary look, are versatile and easy to incorporate into outdoor decor. With a 100W bulb maximum and E26 base, they offer dimmer compatibility for personalization.

With a built-in motion sensor, these JULIA wall lights offer an innovative, energy-efficient lighting solution. Installation is made more accessible with the help of the fast start instruction, and there are two modes available: 

On/Off Mode:  Perfect for general lighting, this mode turns on the light when motion is detected and keeps it on at maximum brightness for 120 seconds. Ideal for ease of use and security.

Dimming Mode: This option provides 30% brightness while inactive and 100% brightness when motion is dejected, providing a more subtle lighting experience. It smoothly returns to 30% after 120 seconds, establishing a mood that mixes functionality and style.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with the JULIA Motion Sensor Exterior Wall lights - a perfect blend of functionality, style, and innovation. Illuminate with confidence and make a statement with your outdoor lighting.

Summary of Specifications: 
  • Constructed of iron metal body
  • Clear glass shade or ribbed glass shade.
  • Matt black powder coated
  • Rated for one 100W bulb max.  E26 base bulbs (not included).
  • Dimmer compatible, (dimming also depends on globe type)
  • Hardwire, required certified electrician for installation.
  • IP44 Outdoor use
  • Some assembly required.
  • Wipe with a soft dry cloth. Avoid the use of all cleaners and abrasives as they will damage the finish.
  • 120V manufactured to US standards.


  • Overall: Height 11.22"  Width 6.06" Depth 7"
  • Canopy: Height 5.35"  Width 4.56"
  • Weight: 5.5lbs


    Quick Start Guide

    This wall light comes with motion sensor, it can detect people movement and turn on full brightness. Once install you can select from below 2 mode:

    On / Off Mode

    • Turn off the power switch
    • Screw to take off the top cover of the sensor.
    • Turn the switch to "Low" side to enable "On/Off mode"
    • Screw back the sensor cover
    • Turn on the power switch

    Now the wall light is under On/Off mode. When there is people walk close, the wall light will be turned on and stay on for 120 seconds. The light will turn off itself after 120 seconds. 

    In On/Off mode, the light either on or off, there is no 30% brightness dimming function under On/Off mode.

    Dimming Mode
    • Turn off the power switch
    • Screw to take off the top cover of the sensor
    • Turn the switch to "High" side to enable "Dimming mode"
    • Screw back the sensor cover
    • Turn on the power switch

    Now the wall light is under Dimming mode. When power on, the light will stay on with 30% brightness of the lamp. When there is people walk by, the wall light will turn to 100% full brightness for 120 seconds. The light will turn back to 30% brightness after 120 seconds.

    Important note: When the light is using "Dimming mode", the light functions under dimmer control. Its important to use our recommanded light globe or you are using a dimmable light globe that is compatible with this light. A non-dimmable globe, especially LED globe will likely trigger malfunctioin, it may be flashing or no able to turn on.  A non-compatible LED globe may also have same symtoms. 

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