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BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights Wall Mount Dusk to Dawn IP44 2PACK

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Bruce Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights Wall Mount Dusk to Dawn IP44 2PACK


The BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights Wall Mount Dusk to Dawn IP44 2PACK features a sleek, black metal and glass design that will complement any outdoor space. The tempered glass shade is rated for one 60W bulb max and is compatible with LED or incandescent bulbs (not included). These lights are hardwired and require professional installation. With a motion sensor, they have a 40-foot detection distance. Wipe with a soft dry cloth to clean. Avoid using all cleaners and abrasives as they will damage the finish.

The BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights use cutting-edge sensor technology to detect movement within a range of 16.4 feet, making them perfect for security, path, or garden lights. In addition, with an IP44 rating, these lights are weatherproof and can withstand even the harshest conditions. At 13.3" tall and 4.7" wide, the BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights are compact and unobtrusive while providing ample light coverage. And with a budget-friendly price tag, there's no reason not to try these lights!

Summary of Specifications: 

  • Constructed of black metal and glass.
  • Tempered glass shade.
  • Rated for one 60W bulb max. E26 base bulbs (not included).
  • Compatible with LED or incandescent bulb
  • Hardwire; professional installation required
  • IP44 Outdoor use
  • With motion sensor, 40 feet detection distance
  • Wipe with a soft dry cloth. Avoid the use of all cleaners and abrasives as they will damage the finish.


Technical specification:

    • Height 13.3" , Width 4.7", Depth 4.7"
    • Input 120V 60Hz
    • Lamp Holder E26
    • IP44 weatherproof

    Quick Start Guide

    This wall light comes with motion sensor, it can detect people movement and turn on full brightness. Once install you can select from 2 mode:


    On / Off Mode

    • Turn off the power switch
    • Screw to take off the top cover of the sensor.
    • Turn the switch to "Low" side to enable "On/Off mode"
    • Screw back the sensor cover
    • Turn on the power switch

    Now the wall light is under On/Off mode. When there is people walk close, the wall light will be turned on and stay on for 120 seconds. The light will turn off itself after 120 seconds. 

    In On/Off mode, the light either on or off, there is no 30% brightness dimming function under On/Off mode.

    Dimming Mode
    • Turn off the power switch
    • Screw to take off the top cover of the sensor
    • Turn the switch to "High" side to enable "Dimming mode"
    • Screw back the sensor cover
    • Turn on the power switch

    Now the wall light is under Dimming mode. When power on, the light will stay on with 30% brightness of the lamp. When there is people walk by, the wall light will turn to 100% full brightness for 120 seconds. The light will turn back to 30% brightness after 120 seconds.


    Important note: When the light is using "Dimming mode", the light functions under dimmer control. Its important to use our recommanded light globe or you are using a dimmable light globe that is compatible with this light. A non-dimmable globe, especially LED globe will likely trigger malfunctioin, it may be flashing or no able to turn on.  A non-compatible LED globe may also have same symtoms. 


    Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting with BRUCE Motion Sensor Porch Lights


    The BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights Wall Mount Dust to Dawn IP44 2PACK is a superb option for lighting outdoor areas. These sensor-equipped outdoor lights combine fashion and utility. We’ll explore their features in more detail in this post, along with crucial installation and usage instructions. These lights can help you upgrade your dawn-to-dusk outdoor lighting, increase security, or create ambiance in your garden.



    Striding the ideal balance between usefulness and aesthetics is vital to creating a welcoming atmosphere with outdoor lighting. The Bruce Motion Porch Lights are a fantastic option that expertly combines the two.



    Smart Sensor Lights for Unparalleled Security.

    Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights protect your home's security, not just lights. The sophisticated sensor technology ensures that your porch is illuminated as soon as motion is detected, discouraging prospective attackers. The smart innovation gives your home an additional layer of security, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.


    Huge Range, Ensure Optimal Illumination.

    Say goodbye to dimly lit corners. With their enormous range, the Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights flood your outside area with energy-efficient, brilliant lighting. These lights are meant to illuminate large spaces, so every corner of your home, be it a large patio or a small porch, will be bright and inviting.


    Check Out: Free Shipping for Your Comfort.

    Ordering your Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights is a convenient and wise decision. Take advantage of the bonus of free shipping, which will deliver these cutting-edge lights to your home at no additional cost. Upgrade your exterior lighting without going over budget.


    Tailored to Suit Your Style.

    Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights know that your outside area is an extension of your house and must compliment your design choices. These lights, which come in various designs and coatings, will look great with any architectural style and give your outside a sophisticated look.


    Radiant Warmth with Thoughtful Design.

    The goal of outdoor lighting is to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in addition to brightness. The Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights are designed with a warm glow that improves overall ambiance. Say goodbye to harsh, clinical lighting and welcome the cozy warmth these lights offer your outdoor sanctuary.


    Ample Stock for Instant Upgrade.

    Don't wait to elevate your outdoor experience. Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights are readily available and ready to revolutionize your living area with their innovative features and fashionable aesthetic. These popular lights can quickly improve the exterior of your house because they are functional and visually appealing.


    IP Rating Durability.

    Weather can be unpredictable, but your outdoor lighting doesn't have to. Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights are made to withstand weather conditions thanks to their IP-rated construction. These lights endure the elements and offer dependable performance all year long.


    Hand in Hand with Nature.

    Not only are Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights eco-friendly, but they also blend in well with the organic rhythm of your backyard. With sensor technology that adjusts to the light, you can use less energy and maintain a natural environment around you.


    Ensure Your Satisfaction with a 30-day Guarantee.

    7Pandas USA offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You don't have to take any chances to enjoy the brightness of Bruce Motion Sensor Porch Lights. We've got you covered if they fall short of your expectations so that you can be confident.



    Key Characteristics:


    • BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights have a stylish black metal and glass design that melds perfectly with any outdoor environment. One 60W bulb (not included) may fit inside the tempered glass shade, which works with LED and incandescent lamps.
    • Weatherproof and robust: These lights have an IP44 designation and are made to withstand the harshest outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
    • Modern motion sensor technology with a 40-foot detection range is present in these lights. They are, therefore, ideal for improving security, illuminating pathways, or enhancing your garden.
    • Compact Design: These lights are only 13.3” tall and 4.7” wide, offering plenty of illumination without being overbearing.
    • Budget-Friendly: The affordable pricing of the BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights makes them a desirable alternative for any outdoor lighting installation.



    Installation Instructions:


    • Hardwiring and expert installation are required for these lights' safety and best performance. For this job, we suggest using a licensed electrician.
    • Clean your lights with a soft, dry cloth to maintain their finest appearance. Abrasive cleaners should not be used since they can harm the finish.



    Useful Hints:


    • ON/OFF and Dimming: BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights include two motion sensor modes.
      • On/OFF Mode: To use this mode, switch the sensor cover off, set the sensor to “Low,” and then switch the power back on. When motion is detected in this mode, the light will remain on for 120 seconds before turning off on its own.
      • Dimming Mode: The light will turn on at 30% brightness in the dimming mode, which the sensor activates to “High.” It will light to 100% when motion is detected for 120 seconds before dimming to 30%.


    • Use dimmable or recommended light bulbs if they are compatible with these lights. Non-dimmable or mismatched LED bulbs could bring on mistakes like flashing or inability to turn on.




    With BRUCE Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights, your outdoor lighting game will upgraded. They are perfect for security, illuminating paths, and lighting gardens thanks to their attractive design, weatherproof construction, and cutting-edge sensor technology. Please adhere to our installation and usage instructions for the best results from these adaptable outdoor wall lights. You may elegantly illuminate your area with minimal expense and enhance your home's facade.



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