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Color LED light bulbs.

The advancement of lighting technology in recent years has been excellent. One of the most ground-breaking developments is the development of color LED (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs, which have become an adaptable and cost-effective lighting option for contemporary homes. We will examine the fantastic characteristics and advantages of colored LED light bulbs, colorful LED light bulbs, adjustable white spectrum, voice control, and how they integrate into the smart home environment.

The Best Smart Bulbs to Light Up Your Room

Are you ready to transform your standard space into a hypnotic haven of Color and light? Look no further! Your atmosphere will be taken to a new level with the help of our carefully chosen collection of smart bulbs and colored LED lights for indoor and outdoor use.

Intelligent Lighting for Your World with Smart Bulb

The era of dull lighting is over! With our selection of cutting-edge smart bulbs, embrace the future. These technological wonders modify your space rather than merely lighting it up. You can adjust brightness levels, create schedules, and even sync your lights with your favorite music for a more immersive experience with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Decorative LED light bulbs: Brings Color to Every Corner.

Why stick with plain white when you can paint your room with various hues? You may fill your space with brilliant colors by using our colored light bulbs. You can choose between relaxing blues or vibrant reds. Create the ideal atmosphere for any event- a fun party or a cozy movie night light.

Flood Lights: Illuminate Every Detail

Floodlights are your greatest friend when highlighting your outside areas. These strong light sources increase security and give your patio or garden a dramatic touch. Imagine your garden bathed in a gentle, vibrant glow, creating a captivating environment for everyone who visits.

Colored LED Lights: Redefining Outdoor Elegance

With our colored flood lights, you can upgrade your outdoor lighting to the next level. These diamonds produce a show in addition to Illumination. These lights accomplish the job with style, whether you want to draw attention to architectural details or add a splash of Color to your landscape. Let your imagination soar and create a stunning paradise in your outside area.

When exceptional Illumination is available, why choose drab and conventional lighting? Let your creativity soar by exploring the world of smart bulbs, colored LED bulbs, and flood lights. Your room will always be different again with these cutting-edge lighting options. The metamorphosis may now start.


Philips Hue Line and Color Ambiance Smart bulbs

Are you ready to make your room a thriving, dynamic paradise? The Philips hue, white, and Color Ambiance smart bulbs can be anything you want them to be. These aren't just regular light bulbs; they are your pass to a world of limitless color options and extraordinary ambiance.

Enter a Colorful Symphony:

Your room may be whatever you desire with Philips hue white and Color Ambiance—feeling serene and at peace? The mood is set with calming blues and greens. Are you hosting a fun event? Give your room a vibrant red, yellow, and purple color scheme! You are the master artist, and your space is your canvas with 16 million colors at your disposal.

Continuous Smart Control:

Delete the tiresome act of switching the switch. Using the Philips Hue app, you have complete control over Philips Hue Smart lighting. Connect to your iPad or smartphone, and then use your voice or a tap to bring your space to life. With a single touch, swipe, and voice commands, you can turn down the lights, alter the colors, or make custom routines. Enhance your lighting experience by connecting these bulbs to the Hue bridge, allowing you to personalize and automate your room's lighting easily.

Set the Mood, Anytime, Anywhere:

Philips hue white and Color ambiance lights are the ideal mood-setting companions, whether reading in bed, throwing a dinner party, or spending a romantic evening. Allow the warm glow of a candle to fill the room, or gently use the stimulating colors of the sunrise to awaken you in the morning. Each mood you have is well-highlighted.

Brilliant Efficiency in Energy Use:

Boost your mood while protecting the environment! Not only are Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Smart bulbs beautiful, but they also save energy. LED technology guarantees that your lighting will be bright, long-lasting, energy- and money-efficient.

Limitless Possibilities, One Decision:

With Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Smart lights, don't simply light up your space - light up your life. These bulbs are available to improve any experience, whether movie nights, parties, or leisure moments. Enter a world of Color, imagination, and convenience at the flip of a switch.

 Fantastic Characteristics and Advantages


Embracing a Colorful Spectrum

The days of conventional light bulbs providing a single white color are long gone. With only a swipe of your smartphone, a color light bulb let you instantly change the mood and ambiance of your home with an explosion of vivid hues. These bulbs have you covered if you want to relax in a soothing blue setting or host a fun party with a vibrant rainbow color.

Versatility in Application and Design:

In addition to its captivating color palette, colored LED light bulbs are becoming more and more popular for their adaptability in terms of design. There is a colored LED bulb for every nook and cranny of your house, from traditional A19 bulbs for general lighting to flood lights for outdoor Illumination. These lights can completely change a space's appearance by bringing a sense of modernism and refinement.

Modifiable Ambiance with Variable White Spectrum:

Many Color LED light bulbs offer tunable white spectrum options and various hues. With this feature, users can change the light's color temperatures. You choose warm white for a friendly ambiance and excellent white or focused task illumination. Thanks to this level of personalization, your room will always have the ideal description to complement your hobbies and tastes.

The Influence of Voice Control:

Voice control has revolutionized smart homes as technology melts effortlessly into our daily lives. You can easily change brightness and Color and even set up lighting schedules using voice commands when using color LED bulbs. Any tech-savvy household should have this function because it is convenient and straightforward.

Integration of Smart Homes:

The ecosystem of the linked smart homes is something that color LED bulbs are made to be a part of. Users can use smart home hubs or specialized apps to regulate and automate lighting to suit their schedules and tastes. Integrating intelligent devices like motion sensors and smart speakers creates a fully immersive, hands-free experience that improves comfort and energy efficiency.

We offer color-varying Color LED Bulbs for sale. Use our green, red, yellow, and blue light bulbs to achieve your desired lighting effect or for festive lighting during the holiday season. We use 40W 5W LED screw-in bulbs.

LED bulbs are an excellent choice for lighting because they produce potential voltage more effectively than other options. With the fair game still alive and newer, better aesthetics emerging with bright white lights and more illuminated auras, 7Pandas provides a flexible selection of high-quality LED light bulbs in laid-back and enjoyable colors.

With their maximum light output and energy efficiency, these bulbs are known to reduce costs. However, manufacturers also create our LED products to offer dependability, durability, and more significant energy savings.

Manufacturers created the LED technology 7Pandas uses to maximize energy savings, offer high efficiency, and provide you with the best possible price. Is it too good to be true? So, it's time to start believing it.

Discovering the Magic of a Great Budget Bulb!

Finding the ideal balance between usability and affordability can feel like chasing a shooting star in the exciting world of smart lighting. But do not worry - your search for the best illumination experience is here! The "A Great Budget Bulb" is the unheralded smart lighting hero who holds the key to a magical, cost-effective, and efficient lighting spectacular.


Lighting with Ease:

Imagine a setting where the atmosphere of your room can be changed to suit any mood with a single tap. The miracle of the remote control! With these inexpensive bulbs, you have the power of a thousand suns in your hands. You can easily adjust the lighting, Color, and atmosphere from the comfort of your couch.

The Perfect Fit:

This jewel works flawlessly with your system, whether you're replacing an old light fixture or delving headfirst into the world's best smart lighting. Let's say goodbye to time-consuming installs and hello to instant genius! These inexpensive bulbs easily fit into your preferred light fixture, changing the room into a haven of warmth and sunshine.

Modernize Your House:

When you can have the greatest, why choose the ordinary? Our budget bulb is your gateway to the world of the best smart lighting. Imagine your entire house dancing to your tune after you link your light bulb with a smart plug or light switch. Combine your lights with other intelligent gadgets to create a symphony of innovation and utility.

Investing that Shines:

Accept the brilliance of a low-cost bulb that illuminates your life and savings. As you control your energy consumption effectively, say goodbye to astronomical power bills. This wise purchase illuminates but also shows you the way to a more cost- and environmentally-friendly future.

The Heart of Your Smart Home Devices:

A low-cost light takes center stage in the expansive orchestra of smart home devices. Your other smart devices seamlessly interact with it, creating a masterpiece of ease. These inexpensive bulbs turn your living space into a futuristic sanctuary by altering the brightness level and establishing the mood.

"A Great Budget Bulb" stands out as the unsung hero, the luminous champion, and the beacon of smart lighting innovation in a world overflowing with options. You may improve your house, rev up the atmosphere, and embrace lighting's future without breaking the bank. Why then wait? With the power of a cheap bulb, illuminate your life and set out on a trip of limitless possibilities.

Our Best Pick of LED Light Bulbs to Brighten Up Your Life

Are you tired of dull, flickering light bulbs that just don't cut it? Leaving behind flat lights and welcoming vivid Illumination! We've combed the market to provide the most comprehensive guide to the best-LED light bulbs and lighting fixtures. We have what you need, whether you want to replace existing light fixtures or use light strips to liven up your room.


Dazzling LED Light Bulbs: Bright Ideas for Every Room:

Let's look at our gorgeous assortment of LED bulbs, sure to up your lighting game. These energy-saving marvels help you save money and make your environment appear cozier and warmer. Get rid of the drab, yellowish light and say hello to the ideal atmosphere for any occasion!

Light Strip: Unleashing Your Creative Side:

Are you looking for a method to give your living room or bedroom a splash of Color? The solution is one of our white light strips! These beautiful, adaptable pieces are simple to personalize to fit your style or decor. Whether you like a tranquil blue tone or an energizing red one, the choice is yours. Let your creativity flourish as you easily change any place into a vivid masterpiece.

Where Practicality and Style Collide in the Ideal Light Fixture:

Finding the ideal light fixture is essential to improving your home's aesthetic appeal overall. Our finest options make a statement and effectively brighten your space. There are countless options, such as sleek pendant lights, minimalist scones, and stunning chandeliers. Fixtures illuminating your space and life can be added to your home design.

LED Light Bulbs: Making Light Work of Energy-Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is essential in today's environmentally concerned era. OUR LED light bulbs are the lighting industry's superheroes since they use less energy to produce stunning Illumination. By choosing LED light bulbs, you're helping to create a greener world and lighting your home. A win-win scenario exists!

Let There Be Light: Setting the Mood Right:

Lighting isn't just about putting out the darkness; it's also about setting a mood. The correct lighting creates the atmosphere, whether having an intimate dinner party, working late into the night, or simply unwinding after a hard day. Your home will constantly be bathed in the ideal light thanks to our carefully chosen collection, making every moment special.

The most excellent LED light bulbs, light strips, and fixtures we've chosen will revolutionize how you use your living areas. Leaving behind dull lighting, welcome a world where light functions and amazes! Let these creative fixes brighten your life and make your house a paradise of elegance and charm. Prepare to bring new light into your world.

No More Bills or Pills!

We know how difficult it can be to decorate events and gatherings with the appropriate colored bulbs. Not to mention the sizeable bill we always worry about regarding upfront costs. But that's because you have yet to encounter the lighting fixtures and extensive selection of LED bulbs that 7Pandas provides. Take this as a cue to purchase some of the best and most effective LED bulbs you have ever seen.

Few options!

Your party can go from an 8 to a 10 by adding effects and fanciness to your rooms and areas. Natural light can produce a desired aura, but how long will it last? You can choose from various colors and options for our LED lights and bulbs without worrying about spending too much money and still having a good time at your celebrations.

7Pandas and its Philosophy

7Pandas started their journey with one mission: to bring joy, comfort, and fun to your homes. Our team passionately follows the 'Live Easy' philosophy based on our dedication to craft products that bring quality and efficiency to your homes.

From a Blank Canvas To a Gorgeous Space

As we all know, the modern world comes with challenges such as portability and reliability, which is why the team at 7Pandas makes sure its LEDs emit light and a fun look for you. Our panda customers have demanding lifestyles, so we strive to provide the best incandescent bulbs that exude energy and the best lighting, transforming your blank canvas into a gorgeous and fun space.

A Look at What We Have in Store

The LED bulbs that 7Pandas provides you are not only there to add a funky look to your space but also serve a much greater practical purpose. 7Pandas offers flood light bulbs in addition to the usual colored LED bulbs. Here is a look at what these multi-purpose bulbs provide and how they can help you become more energy-efficient and reduce your overall energy consumption.

Outdoor 14W LED PAR 38 Flood Light bulb.

Outdoor 14W LED PAR 38 Flood Light bulb comes in three colors: Blue, Red, and Green. It is similar to LED floodlights and environmentally friendly, and you can use them for all kinds of purposes, from commercial to public and sports. Let's dive in and see these brilliant color temperatures that could suit your taste.


  • Voltage Range: AC 100-240V
  • Power Consumption: 14W
  • Luminous Flux: 1200 Lumens
  • Light Colors: Blue Light, Red Light, Green Light
  • Base Type: E26 Medium Base
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80
  • Beam Angle: 45 Degrees
  • Dimmable: Non-Dimmable

Say goodbye to your outdated 90W halogen PAR38 flood light because this fantastic LED replacement can do the job just as well while saving you up to $210 in energy costs over its life span.

Get ready to be astounded by the prolonged lifespan of our LED light source, which can last you an astounding 25,000 hours. That's nearly 23 years of dependable lighting based on a daily usage average of 3 hours.

Are you concerned about outdoor use? Please don't worry; this LED light is weatherproof (IP65), making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications. This light is suitable for illuminating your garden by the pool or your bathroom.

We provide a generous 3-year warranty because we are confident in the exceptional quality of our product. 7Pandas offers unlimited warranty support, and our customer service team is prepared to help you as soon as you require a replacement.

With our cutting-edge LED light source, you can improve your lighting experience while enjoying its outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. Use 7Pandas LED technology to personalize your space and maximize superior lighting.

40 W Equivalent 5W LED Standard Party Bulb pack of 6

We are introducing our selection of LED light bulbs, brightening any space while combining efficiency and convenience. Discover the uplifting atmosphere created by our vibrant red LED bulbs, which will instantly improve your mood and room decor. These decorative light bulbs offer incandescent lighting and save energy, making them a wise investment for your home or business. Thanks to a superior light-emitting diode, our lights emit less heat while producing more light, making them an essential part of your lighting system.

With our exclusive pack of 6 bulbs, available at an unbeatable price only at 7Pandas, experience the brilliance of pure blue LED light. These energy-efficient bulbs provide exceptional lighting quality while lowering daily expenses and electricity bills. Our team offers unrestricted support and excellent after-sales service for your peace of mind. What you get with this fantastic offer is as follows:

Product Specifications:

  • AC 120V 5W
  • E26 Medium Base
  • CRI80
  • 270 Degree Beam Angle
  • Non-Dimmable
  • Indoor use only
  • Light Colors: Blue Light, Red Light, Green Light

Long life span: Enjoy a remarkable life span of 25,000 hours, or nearly 23 years, based on 3 hours of daily use.

Saving energy: Your current 40W incandescent bulbs can be replaced with our LED bulbs, which can help you save up to $97 in total electricity costs over each light bulb's lifetime.

A One-Year Warranty: With our unlimited warranty support from 7Pandas, you can relax.

Please contact us if you encounter any problems; we'll quickly and easily replace them.

Why choose the LED Floodlights offered by 7Pandas?

  1. The lifespan of the LED light bulb
  2. The safety it provides
  3. Ease of use and high-quality
  4. The flexibility, reliability, and durability of the bulbs
  5. Efficiency and environmental safety

Advantages of LED Lighting bulbs

  • Energy Efficiency: LED bulbs are significantly more energy-efficient than conventional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They use much less electricity, which lowers electricity bills and has a more negligible negative environmental impact. As a result, you can use more LED bulbs to create eye-catching light shadows without being concerned about using too much energy.

Wide Range of Colors:

  • Warm white, cool white, and a spectrum of vibrant colors are just a few of the shades and color temperatures available for LED light bulbs. Due to creativity, you can produce eye-catching lighting effects and color combinations that can change the ambiance of any space.

Long lifespan:

  • Compared to traditional bulbs. LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan, so you won't need to replace them as frequently. LED bulbs are especially useful for installations in challenging locations or producing stunning light shows lasting years.


  • You can regulate the light's intensity because many LED bulbs can be dimmed. This feature helps you set various moods and produce dynamic lighting scenes, improving your views' visual appeal and engagement.

Low Heat Emission:

  • Compared to conventional bulbs, LED bulbs produce much less heat, lowering the possibility of fire hazards and making them safer for various applications. This feature is significant when incorporating LED lights into scenic designs or installations requiring proximity to materials.

Compact and Adaptable Design:

  • LED bulbs are lightweight and small, making incorporating them into various fixtures and designs simple. They can be used to create complex and enticing lighting arrangements that give any space character and depth.

Instant Illumination:

  • LED bulbs don't require any warm-up time to reach maximum brightness. With the help of this feature, you can quickly and effectively implement dynamic lighting changes and effects, giving your views a greater sense of intrigue and excitement.

Lighting with Direction:

  • LED bulbs naturally emit light in a particular direction rather than dispersing it widely, as conventional bulbs do. These LED bulbs make it simpler to direct the light precisely where you want it, making highlighting specific areas and objects in your field of view easier.

Reduce UV Emissions:

  • Since LED light bulbs emit little ultraviolet (UV) radiation, they are perfect for illuminating delicate items or works of art without facing or other long-term damage.

Utilizing these advantages, you can produce fascinating views, mesmerizing displays, and distinctive lighting effects that can significantly improve the aesthetic of any setting and a place like no other. LED bulbs provide the adaptability and versatility required to produce breathtaking visual results, whether for interior design, exterior lighting, architectural lighting, or artistic installations.

LEDs are more sophisticated and effective lighting technology than traditional incandescent light bulbs. They offer more customization options, consume less energy, and emit less heat.

How to Choose the Perfect LED Floodlights for a Brilliantly Lit Space

LED floodlights are the brightest stars in the cosmos when illuminating your environment! The era of plain, old-fashioned lighting fixtures and conventional light bulbs is over. You may create a vivid, well-lit refuge in your home with the wonder of LED technology. But with so many alternatives, how can you pick the best LED floodlights? Fear not, dear reader; we have the best manual to illuminate your way.


Learn More About LED Light Bulbs:

Are you familiar with LED light bulbs first? They endure a long time and are environmentally friendly. LED lights make it feasible to live in a future where you don't need to replace your light bulbs every few months. Say goodbye to the dark areas and welcome a lighter and more colorful room.

Create Your Light Strip:

Would you like to give your room a little extra flair? LED light strips, these adaptable miracles can be positioned almost anywhere by being bent, twisted, and stuck. Light strips are your go-to option whether you want to illuminate your bookcases or give your kitchen cabinets a soft glow. Choose white light bulbs for a sleek, contemporary appearance or go wild with colorful stripes for a vibrant ambiance.

Making Outdoor Spaces Simple:

Using LED light bulbs outdoors is also an option. Invest in the appropriate floodlights to illuminate your outside areas. Imagine your outdoor gathering being lit like a starry night or your garden bathed in a gentle, inviting glow. Outdoor spaces in your home are well-lit, secure, and prepared for any situation, thanks to weather-resistant LED light bulbs.

7Pandas USA: We are a LED Bulb Light Store with our main office and warehouse in California, USA. However, we deliver the USA extensively nationwide. 

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