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Pendant Lights for General Lighting

A pendant light fixture can be mounted as the central fixture in almost any room. Or one or more can be used to light a corridor or hallway. When a pendant light is used as a porch light, it is providing the general lighting for that porch.

One appealing quality of pendant lights, when they're used for general lighting, is that many of these fixtures are designed to throw at least some of the light up, onto the ceiling. As that light spreads across the ceiling and is reflected back down, it helps us see more of the room, or hallway, of course. But it also helps us see the room or hallway itself. It shows us the edges and corners of the space, giving us a better sense of where we are, and of the ways we might best fit into it and move through that space.

Lighting an Area

The primary difference between area lighting and general lighting is that area lighting only lights up part of a room. It can add to, or provide part of the general lighting, but it isn't doing the whole job by itself. One example is a light over a table that is off to the side of a room. Another is the "corner lights" that homeowners sometimes installed in some rooms in Victorian times, particularly if those rooms were large, or intended for entertaining, These might be a pair of wall sconces, but they could also be pendant fixtures, mounted, say, three or four feet from each wall.

What if you wanted to provide good light over a sofa that set out in a room? A bright light hanging at each end might be nice for reading by, and some less intense lights hanging over the sofa itself might make it feel more comfortable, particularly if it's a long piece.

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