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What’s the best height for wall lights?

When positioning your wall lights, the ideal height and spacing will depend on a number of things, including the size and style of the wall light fitting, the proportions of the room, and the kind of look you’re wanting to create. As a general rule of thumb, wall lights should be positioned around 152-170cm (around 5-5.5ft) above floor level, while multiple wall lights should be placed around 250-300cm (or 8-10ft) apart. You should aim for the top of the wall light to sit at eye level, to avoid glare from the exposed bulb. 


However, this is only a general guide – if the room has particularly high ceilings (say more than 10ft), or if you’re hanging wall lights in a bathroom or bedroom, you may want to adjust these heights accordingly. Meanwhile, if you’re using wall lights above the bed in lieu of a bedside lamp, it’s a good idea to place the lights around shoulder height, so that you can turn them on and off easily from the bed.

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