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A Gooseneck Kettle is a Luxury Item

The short answer is “No.” Please do not let the fact that you do not have a gooseneck kettle keep you from brewing coffee manually or trying a brewing method that you are curious about. A gooseneck kettle is a specialized tool that helps with consistency and ease in the manual brewing process. It is not essential to manual brewing. It is a luxury item.


You can make a great cup of coffee without a gooseneck kettle.


What does a Gooseneck Kettle Do?

Whether you are using a gooseneck or not, excessive agitation due to careless pouring can lead to an unevenly extracted cup of coffee. When used correctly*, a gooseneck kettle gives you greater control of flow rate and lets you be more precise with where you are pouring the water on the bed of grounds.


It also makes brewing easier. You can control your flow rate by gently tilting your wrist forward or backward. A regular kettle may take a bit of forearm strength, stamina, and concentration to control the water flow, and even then, you will probably have the occasional wave of water slosh out.


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