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Outdoor Wall Lights


Outdoor lighting can improve the curb appeal of your home and create a safer experience for you, your family and your guests during dark hours. Local-area or accent facade lighting allows you to accentuate the main elements of the property. Researchers from Krzysztof Baran Rzeszów University of Technology, in their paper "The meaning of qualitative reflective features of the facade in the design of illumination of architectural objects", write that the parameter of local-zonal brightness is closely related to the aesthetic sensations of the observer perceiving the illuminated object. Therefore, to make the view of the building attractive at night and in the evening, it is necessary to select the outdoor lighting properly.


Choosing street light for your home

Figuring out how to choose street lights for your home starts with understanding your needs. Outdoor wall lights are a practical choice when it comes to adding sophistication and functionality. Providing focused illumination, wall lights are suitable for task lighting and brightening areas where large ceiling fixtures may not fit. Yet despite their versatile uses, wall lights are sometimes referred to as old-fashioned and not really appropriate in modern homes.

One of the main advantages of wall lights is that they can fit into areas inaccessible to ceiling lights. For this reason, wall lights are a solution for uneven lighting distribution, to illuminate more hidden areas such as niches, bay windows, etc.


The different type of wall luminaire

Wall luminaires are divided into two types:

1. Functional
They have the main function of illuminating something (front door, house number, gate, porch, etc.).

2. Decorative
Which are themselves a facade decoration or other design ideas.


How are light fixtures attached to wall? 

Wall lights on the method of attachment, in turn, are divided into:

1. Wall-mounted
These are those that are mounted directly on the walls.

2. Sconces are those that are mounted to the wall with a bracket or pendant
When choosing the right lighting fixtures, it is important to consider the weather conditions in your area, humidity levels, your gardening or landscaping habits, and your long-term expectations.

In general, modern models of outdoor wall lights vary in color, material, style and shape depending on the purpose of their placement.

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