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Kitchen Lighting Guide

Kitchen Lighting Guide

Whether you're designing a new kitchen, or just deciding to switch it up - you'll need to cover the following three lighting types. 

  • General Lighting: provides basic light for the room
  • Task Lighting: highlights a specific work area 
  • Accent Lighting: creates a focal point in the room. 

The location of counters and cabinets in the layout of the room is important when deciding placement of the fixtures.

Lighting placed under cabinets are a perfect type of task lighting that can help to prep your meals, or do the dishes (Depending on where your cabinets are).

Pendant Lighting over an island or peninsula can be either a great type of accent lighting highlighting the spacious kitchen or blend into task lighting that brightens the prep station!  

If your dining room table is also in your kitchen, a chandelier or other large hanging fixture works as an accent light but also as a beautiful decorative piece.

Overall, all types of lighting should be layered within a space to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also serving their practical purpose. 

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