2-Pack Motion Sensor Light Outdoor Wall Security Light Brown


H0572001 / 680580104864

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Item Description
7Pandas wall security floodlight is a perfect solution for providing instant illumination for dark areas and security around your home, powered by 3 x c batteries (excluded) with no mess of wiring, it can be mounted within minutes.
  • [Battery Required]: Require 6 x 1.5VC battery (battery excluded), no fuss of any wires; Do not mix old and new or different type batteries; Replace batteries around very 4 months
  • [PIR Motion Sensor Detect Range]: The light instantly turns on when it detects motion up to 26 feet away and shut off automatically after 30s to conserve battery life by preventing the light from activating in daylight if no motion is detected
  • [Dusk to Dawn Function]: The LED photocell light can detect ambient light and turn on automatically when the sun goes down, No need to flip a switch to turn on the light
  • [Adjustable Headlight]: Rectangle headlight 6" x 3" with 200 lumen output; 60-degree side to side, 70-degree up and down
  • [Application]: This wall security lighting is suitable for yard, tool house, balcony, fence, corridor, and tree, front door, porch, backyard, steps, garage, garden,etc

Important Notes: 
1, Environmental temperature affects the sensor range. It is recommended not to mount the fixture near a heat source like an air conditioner, vent, or furnace exhaust, or in a direction facing a light reflecting object
2, Shaded areas may cause the light to be activated during the day
3, The sensor will be more sensitive to motion across its detection path than motion coming directly towards it
4, For best performance, gently clean the lens with a soft cloth every two months to assure maximum sensitivity.
5, Light sensor only allows light to activate in darkness. We recommend you to test in a dark room or closet before installation
6, Do not mix old and new batteries or alkaline, standard (carbon-zine) or rechargeable batteries in the lighting fixtures

Trouble Shooting
Light will not turn on
1, PIR sensor one allows operation in low light
2, Check and ensure the batteries are fresh
3, Check the alignment(polarity) of the batteries