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Customize your Lighting Fitting

Work with our in-house lighting design and manufacturing teams to achieve unique lighting solutions. With 10 years of experience, we have successfully completed many custom lighting for offices, restaurants, cafes, shopping mall, clubs, education institutions, and retail shops

7Pandas is well versed to be able to guide you through the customization process to help deliver a resolved lighting solution.

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Design with 7Pandas to get your desired lighting fixtures

Approach us

When you have a special requirement or ideas about your new lighting, find us here at 7pandas.

Draft Idea

You can bring it to us, show us your idea in pictures, hand drawing or just talk to us. We will work with your scratch.

Blueprint Work

With your ideas, our engineer team will turn it into a blueprint design. A actual engineer drawing of your lights!


After a few round of revise design, a actual sample is possible, this is essential for mass production project.


Once the final sample confirm, actual production will take place. And your dream piece will come along!


While we can create all types of amazing installations, if we can’t get it to site safely there is little point. We need a clear understanding of site parameters, so we can factor in issues in advance. Installation requirements, site facilities, location, goods receiver and site storage are all factors in making a successful project. While we cannot control all aspects, we try and make it as easy as possible by having processes to minimise risk. We think small to make it big, as we find it is much better to have a group of components which join to make a larger installation.

Materials and Processes

Wire Forming








Post Plating Process